Randomness of a Teenager's Mind

Alisha Khan | 15-Nov-2016

1. "What is friendship?" She asked.
"I can walk through the hell for my friends."
"Then what is love?" 
He looked in her eyes and said, "I can stay in hell for you."

2. Heart: Stop him! He's worth it! 
Mind: Achieve it! It's your destiny!
Soul: Just live darling. You won't get all of this again.

3. He cried.
She ignored.
His dog nuzzled his face.
For animals aren't intelligent enough to fake love.

"I promise I'll come back."
True to his words, his father did return. Wrapped in the national flag. 

5. Puppy
"So cute!" The girls shrieked as they liked the dog's page.
In the rain, a dirt-covered puppy wanted to be liked and cared by a person. 


Randomness of a teenager's mind.

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6. Sixteen 
"I'm in my sweet sixteen's!" Celebrated the girl at the hotel.
"She's now in her sixteen's." Discussed the family looking through the pictures for an eligible groom.

7. Like
"We don't like each other!" The best friends shouted.
"I still don't like you." She said breathlessly, defeated by him.
The little girl came screaming in the hall, "Tickle fight!" as she jumped on her parents.

8. Challenge 
"I'm the bravest of all! I can do anything!" He boasted. 
"I challenge you." She said with a spark in her eyes. "Hot waxing."
Sisters really know what to say.

9. Thicker than Blood
"He's not related by blood!"
"True. He's related to the soul."
God smiled that day as one more orphan was taken care of.

10. WAIT.
Haven't we all heard this word?
"Wait, it'll all be over soon."
"Wait, just give me a chance to explain!"
"Wait for some time, you will heal."
"Wait! It is against the society rules."

But why can't heart say "Wait, does she deserves to be cheated on?" ?
Why can't parents say "Wait, don't sacrifice your dreams." ?
Why can't the society say "Wait, we won't force you." ?

Why do people tell us to wait for the wounds to heal? Why can't others wait and think before hurting someone?
Do we wait for too many but who wants for us? Who will always and forever wait for us?
You. Your heart will always wait for your next move. Your mind will always wait for your command.

So please, wait a minute for yourself and think, who is worth waiting for.

11. Don't judge the pain and heartbreak of a girl by her anger. Feel it in her cold stance and guarded eyes.

12. "Who is that?" The little girl pointed towards the man at their door.
"He is the one who stole my heart but gifted me a soul." Her mother replied.

13. She was a rebel, tomboy and hipster.
Black sheep for everyone.
Black diamond for him.

14. "You feel nothing! Not even my pain!" She shouted.
He felt them but was bad at expressing them.
Sometimes the boys are truly at a loss.

15. She cried as she lost him forever. 
He was not her boyfriend or childhood crush but a loving father, loyal son and honourable martyr. 

16. If you want someone:
To never break your trust,
To love you unconditionally,
To always be there for you,
To look out for you,
To care for you,
To respect you,
To love you even after you are gone,
And to be faithful to you,
Why do you hunt for a human?
Adopt a pet.

17. "I'm not sick anymore son."
"I'm not hungry mom."
It's true that love makes us liars.

18. Heartbreak is not when you ignore me, it's when you pretend I don't exist anymore.
Heartbreak is not when you hurt me, it's when you refuse to listen to my cries.

19. As she cried, the world cheered.
Her roar was the highlight of the circus.

20. She shouted with joy as she hugged him. After such a long wait, finally, she has him.
This was her best birthday.
Her dad finally gifted her the giant teddy.

21. You break, hurt and tear her in every way. Still, she gives you everything you need. No one loves better than Mother Earth. 

22. She was mesmerised by the gold. Her eyes failed to notice the silver shimmer, they were enchanted by the golden glow. 
Very few people know that silver is rarer than gold.

23. Life is not a portrait, it is those small quantities of paint.
Life is not one big accident, it is those small paper cuts every day. 

24. I don't love you because you are beautiful or confident or brave. 
I love you because you make me feel all those things as I stand beside you. 

25. A true singer tells his feelings.
A true dancer expresses his emotions.
And a true writer recites his experience. 
Everyone is different but somehow, they do the same thing. 
Everyone is an artist; some paint life while some paint its meaning. 

26. She was the long curious questions, he was the sweet teasing answers. Her shy attempts were appreciated by the funny replies. 
Facebook that day opened a new chapter in their lives.

27. "Forever young", "Forever together", "Forever happy" were written in the diary.
"Forever in dreamland." The woman said, sitting on the hard cold sheets of old age home.

28. "If we do this, there's no turning back."
"I'm sure." The girl replied.
Together, the best friends defeated their worst fear- cold water of kids swimming pool.

29. Tears: Unsaid words and unrequited feelings making an ocean of memories.

30. "Why do I break every time? Why wasn't I made strong?"
"Armours may be tough but it's just a shield to protect the delicacy." Reminded the brain.
"You should have informed that before." Whispered the bleeding eyes.

31. How can you break something which has already been crushed to dust, torn to shreds and burned to ashes?

32. Crying for someone who doesn't value your tears is insulting everyone who always cries for you.

33. Emotion: A game of brain.
Feeling: A play of heart. 

34. The two kissed as they completed their oaths.
Heart: A happy ending! Nothing can destroy it now!
Brain: I doubt it.
Doubts: I'm on my way!
Problems: Welcome!
Guilt and regret: We are coming!
Pain: Wait and watch!
Depression: Oh no!
Soul: Everything can be destroyed except me!
Universe: Is that a challenge?

35. "Watch out!" She shouted but it was too late.
The snowball hit her friend. "She's out!"

36. "Are you alright?" 
"I don't know." 
The actress screamed. 
That day the man couldn't love horror movie more as his wife hugged him tightly.

37. "I don't get jealous."
"Is that a challenge?"
The girl spends the next whole day with her dog.
The boy finally learned his lesson.

38. The man was exhausted and fed up with his life as he returned home.
Her three magical words brought a smile to his face.
"I made tea!" Said his eleven years old daughter. 

39. "Did it hurt, when you fell from the heaven?" 
She laughed chirpily. 
"You can do better son." Mom kissed his head as the teen pouted. 

40. They returned from the hospital with a little baby girl in their arms. 
During the breaks, the strict CEO watched braiding, makeup and fashion videos. 

41. "Mom!"
The boy shouted as he ran to his mom for help.
"She said she likes me! How should I respond?!" She giggled at son's frantic face. 
"Ask your father. He used to be a professional in this."
"I am." He corrected, remembering their childhood confession.

42. The Casanova of the college got scared when his daughter got a boyfriend.
She crossed a task from her list:
• Show father Karma.

43. "I'm not gonna clean up your mess now." She said with tearful eyes.
Bride cried, bidding her best friend goodbye as she closed the door of the car.

44. Rhyme for the sixteen turned girl-
Twinkle twinkle little star,
I won't let you go to the bar.
You're not wearing dress that high,
New boyfriend? Say him goodbye.

"Overprotective brother." She huffed.

45. "It's absurd! You'll get nothing from that job!"
*Years later*
"So what was your inspiration?"
"My father challenged me." The top fashion designer replied. 

46. They roamed the corridors and came to a stop at the entry. 
Tears threatened to spill from nostalgic eyes. 
"Goodbye." They whispered as the students finally graduated. 

46. In the era of technology and artificial environment, the old lady found a rose in her story book. 
The little kids never forget their storyteller's birthday. 

47. "It's magenta!"
"It's hot pink!" 
The girls continued fighting over the nail polish.
"They are so like you." The man thought, remembering his late lover in his two daughters.

48. The best friends exchanged lockets to strengthen their friendship.
Years later, even an exchange of glance between the two was rare.

49. Time is the best master. It can turn a delicate princess to a fierce lioness. 

50. "You all are sinners!"
"It's unnatural!" 
"You are angels." The little orphan declared as that day she got not one but two fathers.

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