Reading makes a Friendly and convenient Pass time

Sheela Joby | 08-Oct-2016

These days we find people so busy browsing information or chatting on social networking sites, that they hardly remember there is something more deserving to form one of their good habits. Yes, it’s reading. Reading can be classified in many ways, from an article in a magazine to a whole book. Francis Bacon, a renowned English writer said, “Reading maketh a full man”. Reading indeed is the habit that brings us closer to knowledgeable persons. There are a number of benefits of reading knowledge texts as well as fiction.

Reading Makes a Friendly and convenient Pass time

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1. Stimulus to brain - 
It’s found that reading stimulates the mind. That is it keeps the brain active. With this, our mind remains cognitively engaged and sound. Reading acts as an exercise to our brain.

2. Reading for knowledge - 
Many people read for knowledge. You get a lot of information added to your knowledge. Better knowledge means better understanding of life. This improves the problem-solving ability too.

3. Fights stress - 
In a busy life, which is filled with workplace or general stress, what could be better than having a novel in your hand while you sip on coffee? That would take you in a different world of dreams and stories where you will be able to forget your routine and overcome your stress. Books are considered to be the best friends of humans and help us in relaxing.

Reading Makes a Friendly and convenient Pass time

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4. Improves language - 
Reading improves our language. It adds to the vocabulary and sentence patterns. You can use the newly added words in your regular speech and writing. That will make your language stronger, and boost fluency.

5. Analytical sense - 
Be it knowledge texts or fiction, reading improves your analytical thinking power. The books that you read will stimulate your thinking. You will be able to think more systematically as you are trying to understand the texts and analyse problems therein. This will in general help you improve your logical thinking.

You also get an opportunity to discuss the books you have read with your friends, which will improve your explanation skills too.  Thus reading can trigger thoughts and ideas which can later help you cultivate writing habits too.

6. Better Understanding - 
Reading books on various subjects help to understand different situations and complex issues. Besides, reading fiction also develops a comprehensive understanding of the world, its different cultures and societies. It improves concentration too.

Reading Makes a Friendly and convenient Pass time

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7. Personal space - 
If you are a peace lover, books will prove to be your best companions. They will help you take time for yourself, at the same time, help you feel at peace. This is the most relaxing habit, which fills you with knowledge without disturbing you.

8. Recreation - 
Reading is a recreational habit. It entertains you as it amuses you with novel ideas and information. So, this is a must have a habit for all. It leaves you fresh and rejuvenated.

Reading is the best pastime for people of all age groups. You can choose the taste for your reading, whether you like to read classics or contemporary, and so on. Most of the books are engaging and keep you mentally energetic. So think now of having a fully fledged book shelf and cultivate a reading habit.

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