Road Safety

Joby Joseph | 28-Dec-2016

9th October 2015; Time – 9:30 pm

Delhi Airport

Dheer and Rajni is a couple and they have a 3-year-old daughter “Eera.” They had just returned from the European tour and were waiting for the cab.

Dheer: Eera,  c’mon, sit on papa’s lap and let your mamma handle the bags. (Jokingly)

Rajni: oh, so daddy and daughter will sit relaxed and I’ am going to do all the work. Is that what you mean? (Rajni is Dheer’s wife and Eera is their 3-year-old daughter)

Dheer:  of course not, dear, we will handle things together. (Smiles and picks up the luggage to put it in the cab)

They had hired a cab and they left for their home. Rajni had to clean the house and Dheer had to go to the office. Rajni had already applied for a long leave, almost for one month. After breakfast, Dheer left for his office, while Rajni carried on her work.

Road Safety

Eera was playing with her toys. Talking to her toys had become her habit. While she played with the toys, her voice would reach the kitchen and it would give an idea to Rajni what Eera would be doing. Suddenly Eera’s voice stopped. Rajni asked her from the kitchen “Eera, baby what happened?” No reply came from the room. “She must have slept,” Rajni said to her herself.  Curiously, (as a mother’s heart is always anxious for her children), after a few minutes, Rajni went straight into the room to check Eera. She found her lying unconscious on the floor and her hands were cold. Rajni was frightened to see Eera in such a condition. She immediately called up Dheer.

Dheer: Ok don’t worry, I’ am coming, we will take her to the hospital.

Dheer reached in half an hour, as Delhi’s traffic doesn’t allow you to reach your home early even if it is just 10 minutes away from your office. Rajni held Eera in her arms while she was all the way lying down on her mother’s lap, unconscious. Dheer was driving fast but was alert all the while driving, as he always used to be.

From left-hand side, a biker was trying to overtake Dheer’s car. At first, two instances, he could not overtake. Later, he accelerated the speed of the bike so much that instead of overtaking, the bike rose up in the air and in 2minutes, it fell on the car. The bike also fell on the car, rolled on the windshield of the running car of Dheer and fell down consequently. Here, Dheer’s car got crashed as a result and it hit the pole on the roadside. All of them got injured.

As soon as the bike fell on the car, Rajni held Eera so tightly and covered her like a shield, that nothing happened to her. But Eera’s unconsciousness was broken and as soon as she realised that something has happened, she saw her mother bleeding from the head. “Mamma, Mamma,” she shouted and cried. As she turned to Dheer, her father, he too was lying on the steering and bleeding profusely. But Dheer had regained consciousness after a while and he tried to get up and handle the situation. The biker was lying down few steps away from the car, his head was bleeding and his arms and legs showed major injury. He was groaning with heavy pain. “Ah! Take me to the doctor, please help.”

Dheer had been a strong personality, he got up, however, difficult it was, taken out Rajni and Eera and with the help of the bystanders he took them to the hospital. He did not leave even the biker over there. Everybody was stunned to see that Dheer took even the biker who was the reason for this accident, to the nearby hospital. He was injured very badly.

They reached the hospital, doctors verified from the bleeding Dheer Singh that it was an accident and then started the treatment of all of them. Though they were perturbed by worst injuries, but they recovered soon. Dheer’s mother and sister took care of Eera while her parents in the hospital. Dheer had called them up after reaching the hospital.

After a week, the doctor who was handling their cases met Dheer.

Doctor:  “How are you feeling now Mr Dheer?”

Dheer: I’ am feeling much better now. (looked at Rajni)

(Rajni was lying down on the nearby bed of Dheer)

Rajni: doctor, when can go home?

Doctor: (smiling) yes Ma’am, we will discharge you day after tomorrow. I’ am glad that nothing happened to your daughter. All the junior doctors and nurses who were handling your cases with me were afraid if your daughter would get depressed, but after meeting her, I found no such thing as a depression on her face.

Dheer: yes, she is as strong as her father. (proudly)

Rajni: (with tears in her eyes) but that biker, he made all of us suffer. It was God’s grace that we were saved, it was your hard work, doctor, and my husband’s courage that we are alive, otherwise, the way it had happened, none of us would have been here right now. How is that biker now?

Doctor: he is fine. He is also recovering fast. Though he still cannot stand up on his feet, it will take time. His family members have come to see both of you, and they wish to apologise on his behalf.

Dheer: please let them come, we too wish to meet them.

The doctor goes out and sends the family members of the biker to Dheer and Rajni’s room. They come and stand near the bed of Dheer and apologise to him and Rajni. Dheer tells them not to feel guilty, but make their son understand what has happened because of him.

Dheer: please make him understand that due to his reckless driving all of us are suffering. Even he himself is in acute pain. Tell him to be always careful and follow the rules of traffic. Even I was in a hurry, I would have driven the car recklessly, but I didn’t.

The biker is ashamed to hear all this from his parents and feels guilty. At the same time, he promises to his parents not to drive recklessly again in his life.

Biker: I promise mom and dad, I will always be alert while driving and would never ever break the traffic rules.

Road Safety

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