Road to Conquest

CS Dharmesh Vankar | 07-Mar-2017

(A few minutes ago, swami was occupied with many friends. After leaving all except one friend named Neeti, swami was using his WhatsApp to answer the query of his CS group friends’.)

Road to conquest

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Neeti: How are you becoming so popular? Have you bewitched everyone?

Swami (smiling face): It's the magic of my good nature(Laughs). May no evil eye falls on my popularity.

Neeti: Stop this drama now. Tell me, how can I be this famous? I want to. I don't even have a lot of friends.

Swami: Don't worry. Let me tell you now.

As per my understanding, if a person wants to be appealing to others, then he should have the following traits:

If one is adaptable to circumstances, then he would be definitely favoured by others. Adaptability here means to change or adapt according to a situation cum requirement. Many north Indians, especially a person belongs to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar relocates to Gujarat for a better life. They relocate to Gujarat and mix up with the Gujarati people in such a way that they speak Gujarati fluently like other Gujaratis’.

If one is not approachable then there's a doubt that one can attract people. Approachable in simple words means friendly. As per my understanding, approachable means a person with whom one can easily interact without any hesitation or so-called fear.  Most of the readers will agree with me that there are some people with whom we hesitate to approach, reasons for such hesitance vary from person to person.

In this present era, where everyone engages over social media for whatever reason it may be, if someone comes to you, even for a general talk, then keep your social media gazettes aside and listen to the person. ‘To win people, one should be a good listener.’

Convergent thinker
A Convergent thinker doesn’t always refer to heal the problem. As per my understanding, if someone comes to you to solve some of his problems but somehow you aren't able to help him but you treat him in such a way that he forgets his problem and finds a way to solve it and feels happy that he has consulted you.

Fellow feeling
Fellow feeling pertains to the ability to exist or performing in congenial combination with others. One must understand the level of thought of counterparts and respect the thought process and which should be visible in his/her behaviour.

Road to conquest

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Everybody likes a compliment, even ‘God’ too. It is the wish of a feeling of importance which differentiates between human beings and animals. In short, give honest and sincere appreciation. Don’t do flattery, although it will help for some time but not always. You might have heard from someone that it is better to have honest enemies than to have friends having nature of flattery.

Integrity refers to the combo of trust and honesty. Many have confirmed with me that if one wants to be the best – either the best employee or the best child or the best spouse or even the best friend or the lover, then one should have integrity at the top of his inter-personal skills.


Road to conquest

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Jugaad!!! What a word, invented by we Indians. If someone is very good in making jugaad or arrangements anyhow, then I don’t have to say that such jugadu person will always be in the mind of others. Most of us have one friend (Bhai Kuch jugaad ni ho Sakta kya) who is jugadu, he na!!!?

Sense of humour
Ahaan!!! Copernican texture one should possess to live the life smoothly and easy going by keeping in mind the present era’s stressful scenario where almost everyone is occupied with some issues which might be related to career, study, relationships, social, etc. So, if someone carries a good sense of humour which assists others to forget their problems for a while then undoubtedly such a person will be lovable by many.

Second reaction
Second reaction??? Confused, the second reaction means to react towards situation after having a deliberate thinking and understanding of opposite person’s situation. Many have experienced that they feel guilty of their behaviour or action without understanding the actual situation, like sometimes we, without any intention, get angry with our mother because of frustration.

Road to conquest

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