Samaiyra's P.O.V.

Arin Roy | 09-Mar-2017

Character Description-

1. Samaiyra Rajput- A spoiled, unattended, 7-year-old daughter of Billionaire Sanjeev Rajput and Sanyukta Rajput.

2. Abhay Shubhankar- The not-so-golden 7-year-old boy of IITian parents Gaurav Shubhankar and Deeksha Shubhankar.

Samaiyra POV

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3rd April 2003

I looked down to recite the sentence and saw a long black line marked on my notebook and gasped. The teacher had told us not to do dirty work but how did this even come here in the first place? I glanced at my left, my best friend Raina sat there, she would never do that, right? To my left was a chubby boy, you know he was even too short for his age. Boys should be tall, I thought and frowned at him. I kept on shooting lasers at him with my eyes and then he looked up at his eyes met mine. He had a wicked grin on his face. I shifted my eyes and they landed on a blue eraser, just like the one Narayan Uncle (her servant) had bought me yesterday for the first day of school but this one had an angry face drawn. Exactly like that of a monster, like Sharma uncle. He always stops kids from playing in the compound.

I looked for my eraser to say that they match but I couldn’t find it.

“You stole my eraser”, I shouted. My eyes started to water. Mom says that big girls don’t cry but my eraser was new. I hadn’t even used it to erase anything.

“And- and even drew a monster on him”, I said before he could say anything. I got angry and started hitting him on his arms.

He tried to push me and took his eraser in his hand and kept it close to his heart.

“Don’t you say anything about my Mr Bean or else”, he threatened.

“Else what? Say”, I dared, wiping my tears.

“Or else this”, he said and pulled my pigtails. Angry tears started flowing again.

Then I stomped on his foot and started pulling at his hairs. I tried to pull out as many hairs as I could.

He tried to stop but I was stronger.

“Oh God! Stop. I’ll buy you a new one”, he said.

“No. Eraser won’t tie up my pigtail again, would it?” I replied.

“Samaiyra stop. Don’t touch him, you’ll get cooties”, Raina said.

I didn’t even listen to her and so didn’t that boy.

“Okay fine. I’ll get you chocolate cake after school and I’ll try to tie your pigtail too. Now leave my head. It hurts.” He said.

“Ice cream too?” I asked hopefully. Narayan uncle never lets me my ice cream.

He nodded and I left his hair. He collapsed on his chair and breathed out a sigh of relief.

“I didn’t do much. Don’t overreact. Boys are supposed to be strong”, I said. He didn’t say anything on it.

The bell rang. The school was over, yay. The teacher never came, though, I thought.

After school, he met me outside the school, just as promised. I had told the driver to follow us to the shop while I sat with him in his car to make sure he fulfilled his promise.

We reached a cafe and he hopped out as quickly as possible. I did the same. His driver followed us out.

I order my favourite chocolate cake while he ordered vanilla, how boring.

I watched him get up and come behind me. Suddenly he started pulling strands of hairs.

“What are you doing?” I asked him.

“Tying your pigtail stupid, like I promised”, he replied.

“Where did you learn it from?” I asked. Even I didn’t know how to tie them.

“I haven’t learnt completely. I’ve seen my mother do it so”, he replied. He kept pulling and twisting my hairs and eventually tied the band on it which I gave to him.

That day I learnt, a true gentleman isn’t someone who is tall or strong, a gentleman is someone who keeps his promise.

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