SEO Doesn't Have to be Prohibitively Expensive

Nitin Arora | 22-Feb-2017

If anything is commonly attributed to SEO, it is that despite being a service that is held up to be a widespread necessity by most as per Moz, if not all companies working online, SEO is also a service that just happens to be both ultra competitive, and demanding of a very high price tag.

SEO Doesn't Have to be Prohibitively Expensive

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However, SEO doesn’t have to take a massive cut off your startup or small business’ budget in order to be truly effective. Effective SEO, in fact, has little to do with very expensive techniques – which are usually reserved for high-end enterprises and corporations for the simple fact that they are just a lot more difficult to pull off successfully.

Good SEO is simple, honest, requires hard work but more often than not simply requires a good amount of time and consistency. Time and consistency – that’s what you’re going to be looking for when scouring the Internet for affordable SEO packages. Let’s take a look at some basic SEO principles that don’t have to cost anyone an arm and a leg, and still happen to be incredibly successful and highly effective.

Simple, Consistent Content

Good content is not cheap. However, it won’t cost your thousands and thousands of dollars a month, either. Good, quality content can be gotten online for much more reasonable rates, and it’s worth paying a reasonable rate than resorting to anonymous or overly large content mills with a reputation for speed over quality. After all, as per Marketing Donut, content is still very much king.

Speed does matter, though. A good content plan releases content regularly – a few times a week, at least. It updates its blog, has content that points back to its own content, and most importantly, it works to:

Network Content

It’s important for businesses to network with experts in the industry, and this is especially true for smaller companies seeking simply to get a leg up on the competition. There’s nothing simpler than some human interaction between you as a representative of your business, and a local blogger or expert looking for something to write or report about.

Your own content is very important for good SEO, but generating buzz in other places about your business is just as important. And this is an aspect you have to look for in affordable SEO packages and service providers like SEO Tuners, where, the more money you throw at the problem, the bigger it gets. Money here isn’t as important as authenticity is.

Website Cleanup

Websites are usually designed to be very, very clean on the inside – but that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case when one takes a deeper look into a website’s code and examines how it is structured. If what you’re looking for is a web presence that browsers will easily rate as qualitative, then you have to consider a web design that is organised and neat – and descriptive – both on the surface, and deeper below in the skeleton and underbelly of your website’s source code. As per Kissmetric, a clean source code means search engines can more easily read your website.

This, again, doesn’t have to be a very major cost. You can even get your own in-house developers to do it, although it’s never a bad idea to have an SEO company take another look. And there you have it – three very simple ideas to begin with, on how SEO can be very cost-effective.

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