She and He both are Crying

Alisha Khan | 21-Nov-2016

She cried when she fell.
She cried when she lost her toy.
She cried when her best friend betrayed her.
She cried when she was scolded.
She cried when they all separated.
She cried when she topped.
She cried when she went with him for her whole life.
She cried when she met her first child.
She cried when they went to pursue their dreams.
She cried when she saw her family happy.
She cried when she took the last breath and left him.
He cried seeing her in pain.
He cried when he made a family.
He cried as they made him proud.
He cried when he lost her.

He and She both are crying

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Most girls are emotional, yes.
Most boys don't cry often, yes.
But that is what makes their tears even more precious.
Little things touch a girl's heart
but if only you can make his heart beat faster,
if only you can see him vulnerable,
if only for you, he breaks his armour,
you are everything to him. 

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