She is back!

Amrit Versha | 18-Jan-2017

Kaesar was in a deep sleep one night. As he slept, he suddenly cried out, “Aaughhhh,” and somehow managed to turn on the lights of his bedroom. When he looked at his leg, he saw a deep cut on it and a stream of blood was flowing from the wound. It seemed like somebody had cut his leg with an axe. Terror ran down his veins, but he didn’t lose his courage and looked around in order to check whether there was any intruder in his room or not. To his shock, the window and the door of his room were locked from inside. He was taken aback by this and along with that, he was in intolerable pain. This made him incapable of fathoming out anything. For the first time in his life, he felt this much nervous that he repeatedly shouted to call his dad downstairs to his bedroom.

She is back

Keasar’s dad, Mr Cauis Berk, ran to his room because he knew that his son never acted like this before. When he saw Kaesar moaning in pain, he got really worried. Kaesar was totally trembling but Mr Berk tried to make composure and asked him about what sort of pain was he having. This made Kaesar furious and he shouted on his dad, “Can’t you see my bleeding leg? Are you blind dad?” Mr Berk moved his eyes to his son’s legs and there was then a very serious expression on his face. He kept a pause for a moment and then said, “I didn’t expect it from you my son.” Quite puzzled, Kaesar exclaimed, “What dad?” Mr Berk with a red face shouted, “You frightened me up so late with such a nuisance. Do you think such pranks are kiddish? Let me tell you, son, they are not.” Kaesar again in a confused tone asked his dad that what type of prank was he talking about. His father replied, “Why are you pretending? There is no wound on any of your leg! And, did you forget that you’ve a younger sister too who is just eleven? What would my little Mary learn from you?” Kaesar desperately shouted this time saying, “Why would I pretend? What’s wrong with you?” Mr Berk left the room saying, “I think you’re dreaming son. Good night!”

Kaesar was a very optimistic and brave boy. His leg was actually bleeding and aching. He coped up with the situation that night and bandaged his wound himself. He decided to visit a doctor in the morning but kept wondering about his dad’s weird reaction.

Early in the morning, he rang up his friend, Josh and asked him to help him in visiting the hospital. They lived in a small town of Turkey, which had a name due to its geographical properties. Name of the town was Doruky, in which the word “Doruk” means mountaintop in Turkish. There were several mountaintops in the town with few forest areas too. Kaesar lived near a forest and his dad was a woodcutter. Kaesar was an ardent lover of both nature and photography. But sometimes, he also helped his dad in wood cutting.

After the arrival of Josh, they directly drove to a hospital. They waited silently for their turn outside the doctor’s chamber. Josh observed a deep sense of grief on Kaesar’s face for the second time in life. The first time was when his first love, Aysel Kaya, died. With blonde hair and blue eyes, she had a face as attractive as the moon. Her smile was unique and made her appear curious always. Kaesar, Aysel, Josh and Mary were all schoolmates. They were in The Eren School of Sciences. It was a very holy school. Mary was not in their grade since she was younger. Kaesar and Aysel were acutely attracted to each other. Kaesar loved to stare her and that always made Aysel feel shy. She was like a moon without scars and she, on her part, loved Kaesar’s hair falling on his forehead. He always carried a camera with him and he hideously used to click Aysel’s photos. Mary was very much attached to his brother and she knew that his brother was falling for Aysel. Whenever Aysel visited Kaesar’s home, Mary tried to engage Aysel with her. She felt possessive for his brother and she didn’t like Aysel at all. One day she insisted Aysel and Kaesar to play hide and seek game with her when they both were completely involved in talking with each other. They finally agreed. It was the turn for both the girls to hide. They were searching for secret places and at that point, Aysel saw a store room. She said to Mary, “Let’s hide here Mary. He can’t guess this place!” Mary out of fear replied, “No! No! It’s dark inside.” Aysel laughed and said, “So what Mary? I am going in. Are you coming? Let’s go and have fun.” Mary cried, “Not at all,” and ran away. Aysel laughed out and entered that room. It was all dark inside. There was not even a single ray of light. She sensed an essence of power. It was all happening naturally to her. She opened her arms wide to embrace a queenly feeling, which was an offer from darkness to her. She closed her eyes and all she could see was a girl on a mountaintop standing alone on a moonless night. She couldn’t recognise the girl. Then she suddenly heard Kaesar’s voice and she hurriedly came out of that room. After spending some time with them, she went back to her house. At home, she told her mother, Mrs Kaya, about her strange experience in that dark room. Mrs Kaya just brushed that off by saying that such things happen to teenagers and so there was nothing serious. Then she asked Aysel to sleep and went to her bedroom to talk to her husband.

“Our angel has experienced something strange today in a dark room at Mr Berk’s house and I’m afraid if what that priest told us may come true,” she said to Mr Kaya. “No, nothing of that sort will happen. Our daughter is normal,” replied Mr Kaya. “She was born on a no moon night and she has a tendency to rule the dark. This was what that priest told us and she saw a dream of no moon night today. I’m afraid,” exclaimed Mrs Kaya. “Oh, honey! She is in a holy school. She has learnt to be religious. So it is all okay.” He calmed her down. While the whole conversation was going on, Aysel was standing outside their room and she heard it all. All the words kept revolving in her mind.

Next day in the evening, she asked Kaesar to accompany her to the library but Mary came and told Kaesar that Mr Berk was calling him. So Aysel asked Mary to join her. Mary reluctantly agreed. After reaching the library, Aysel went to the corner of sci-fi books and suddenly, she got a book with a name “Back from the coffin.” She opened that book where on the first page a warning was mentioned that if someone follows the book, then he must hold a risk by himself. She found that book arresting and borrowed it without a second thought. Mary was both shocked and amused when she saw Aysel borrowing that book but still, she ignored it. Now when finally Aysel reached her home, she directly stepped towards her room and closed it. Around ten at night, Kaesar was standing on his balcony. He was sipping tea. Then he saw a lady coming out of Aysel’s house and when he observed carefully, he came to know it was Aysel. He saw her going towards a pathway that led to a forest. He felt something fishy and decided to follow her quietly. When she stopped at a place in the forest, he hid behind a tree. Then what he saw was a bit astonishing for him. He also started to record a video of the whole scenario. Aysel took out a book from her bag. Then she made a square on the ground with a white powder. Within that square, she wrote Jesus and made a big cross over it. Right after that, she moved around the square repeating few words, “Rise my servants!” Then, she stepped into the square, stood over that Jesus’ crossed name and made a cut on her both the arms with a knife. She collected her blood in a bowl and spilt it all inside the square. She again began to move around the square speaking,

“Break the coffin and come to me.

Live again, now that you’re free.”

Kaesar wanted to stop her but his throat was choked by disgust and her monstrosity. He ran to his house, kept his camera on his study table and decided to stay away from her. He didn’t attend his school for few days but one thing was disturbing him. His camera was missing and he didn’t find it anywhere. Then it struck his mind that it could be with Mary and he went to her room. He was right that the camera was with her. He snatched it from her and warned her to never to use his private things. He was just leaving her room that she spoke to him directly, “Do you still love that witch, Aysel? I know everything and now, the entire school also knows.” Kaesar was shocked after knowing this. “Are you an idiot, Mary? Why did you spread that video?” He scolded her and rushed towards Aysel’s house. Aysel came out of her bedroom. Now time her blue and mesmerising eyes were red and swollen. She went straight towards him, and slapped him twice on his face and shouted, “Why did you make that video? Was that what you wanted? You spoiled my life. Nobody talks to me anymore. They call me a witch and abuse me. I always loved you Kaesy and see, what I got in return from you? That video. I hate you. You betrayed me. You never deserved me. Get out of my sight!” After this harsh reaction of Aysel, he just said one thing to her, “Yes, you’re a witch. Bye.” Then he left her place. After few days, Aysel came back to school and wherever she went, she heard laughter and just one word from everyone, “Witch.” She locked herself in her bedroom and kept crying for hours. Now on a moonless night, she silently came out of her house, and walked towards a mountaintop and just jumped into a river. It was a suicide. She was searched everywhere by the police and then finally her body was found in that river. Mrs Kaya screamed by looking at her daughter’s dead body. Kaesar remained numb for few weeks. But later everything came back to normal. With each passing year, Aysel’s memories faded from Kaesar’s mind.

Now after a long wait, it was Kaesar’s turn to go to the doctor’s chamber. Josh helped him and they were finally in the room. Kaesar told the doctor about whatever happened with him at night. The doctor listened to him carefully and asked him to remove the bandage. Kaesar did that and then that doctor very politely said, “Dear, promise me that you will not overreact to what I will tell you.” Kaesar replied with a smile,”Oh yes. I promise.” Then the doctor told him that his father was right because there was actually no wound at all and so he should once consult a psychiatrist. In both perplexity and rage, Kaesar left the hospital with Josh. Josh knew that there was something wrong happening with his friend but he preferred to stay away from that matter.

Now in the afternoon, Kaesar was alone in his house. When he entered his room, he found a note over his camera and it was written on it, “Now Laugh!” He got a bit frightened. Then he went to his kitchen to have some water. When he took out a water bottle, he found it labelled with “Now Laugh!” This was such a hair-raising incident that he dialled up his dad’s number and told him everything. His dad laughed and told him that it was due to over thinking. He also informed Kaesar that he will be back to home with Mary tomorrow and so he must take care of himself. Kaesar was petrified by getting to know that he would have to spend that night alone at his home. But he somehow pretended to be brave to himself and went to his bed. After an hour of tossing and turning in bed, he finally slept. The most horrible part was still waiting for him and that was the nightmare. He saw those beautiful eyes again but with only streams of tears. That charming face was pale now. Then suddenly she smiled widely in a sinister manner. She gradually came closer to Mary who was sleeping in her room. Aysel had an axe in her hand and then she laughed more and more. Mary opened her eyes and she was terrorised by watching Aysel in front of her. Before Mary could utter a word, Aysel whispered into her ears,”Now Laugh,” and then within a fraction of seconds, she brutally axed Mary’s head. This was really a tormenting nightmare for Kaesar and he heaved a sigh after opening his eyes. Then after a few minutes of relief, he slept again.

Next day, it was a new and bright morning. Mr Berk and Mary came back to their town, Doruky and finally reached their house. As Mr Berk always had a second key of the house, so he opened the door himself. Mary directly ran to his brother’s room to show him what she brought for him, but then Mr Berk heard a loud cry of Mary. Mr Berk nervously entered the room and he stood still when he saw the head of his son axed with a note beside it, “Now Laugh!”

Note: Sometimes it happens that we see a dream of any incident happening with us and, when we wake up, we see that it happens to others and vice versa. This has been termed as precognition.


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