Smile Plzzz!!!

Ankita | 24-Dec-2016

Once upon a time......

3 weeks before.

Well brighten the room but filled with the darks faces of about 40, 20 plus people. Talking seriously, tension filled everywhere. Faces fell, eyes darken, sitting uncomfortable on the floor. Suddenly few voices came to life.

“What’s your percentage?”


“Mine 63”

“71 for me”

“Mine 32”

“Oh I scored well then, my scores are around 65”

“Who the hell are you telling I scored 78”

Suddenly a figured is seen grabbing everyone’s attention, cutting the sunlight while entering through the door like an angel falling from the sky.

Ohh nooo.....

She actually fell by slipping on the falling crushing everyone’s tension causing smiles.

“She can’t walk few steps without falling.”

“She is a FALLING DIVA.”

“She is a comedian.”

“No, she is the mix of stupid, nonsense, idiot, crazy and bullshit, all together.”

She got up and greeted everyone with her usual smile but as all tension starts again her smile fades.

Those people started again ......

“I wanted to become a doctor but with my score, I can’t make into the exams.”

Suddenly someone asked her score.

She proudly declares “54.5”

Everyone jaws drop.

“How can she be proud of those grades?”  

“She is really mad!!!”

“Let’s call a psychologist.”

She stopped them and confessed that she had a dream but left it because of some other reasons.

Now crushing everyone’s suspensions she started smiling again.

“I want to share my dream, listen carefully this is the only one dream I had about my wedding...”

“You have a dream for marriage??? Like seriously!!!!”

“Yes, so listen carefully. I had listened about inter cast marriage, about inter-religion marriage, internationality marriage but mine would be inter-planet marriage.”

“Again a bullshit.”

“Listen naa, my marriage would be in the middle of Atlantic ocean, on a huge clear iceberg. Not only humans but also almost every species of animal will attend my wedding. Few elephants are standings behind my family, fishes are jumping off the surface to catch a chance to see everything, sharks are showing their fins conforming their presences, giraffes are standing behind of all, and other small creatures hopping here and there to steal their approach for carnivorous animals.”

“She is really crazy. Are population of humans is not satisfactory that she invited animals to her wedding.”

“Sshhh. Suddenly she arrived fully covered with bridal makeup. She wore a sari having white stones and green prints over a red silk work. When she arrived, her mother eyes were completely filled with tears wondering how beautiful daughter she had....”


“Please. Then the climate changed, the sky turned black, the storm started...”

“One sec who is the priest ???”

“Must be a monkey.”

“No monkey can’t speak. It would be a parrot.”

“It’s a human, and the haban kund is floating over the centre.”

“Floating haban kund???”

“Yes, because metal will get warm and it will melt the ice. Use your logic guys.”



“Where I was, yes the storm started and a black hole appears suddenly green feet appear in the centre. The figure continues to grow to legs and the pyjamas appear covering the legs. Then the end of kurta and the three fingers of each hand appear. The figure continues to complete until the popping three eyes appear. In the background similar figure started to appear with Indian clothing with their respecting sex but it was hard to guess their sex....”

She added that “Her future husband left the shera in the black hole, she mentioned him with hand expression and he called back the black hole and suddenly the shera starts to appear for downwards.” 

Everyone started laughing. How stupid this girl could be was the last conclusion even expressing, most appropriately exposing her thoughts to everyone.

She started again “Then he came to his seats and the ritual started while everyone supposed that they must do their rituals again because those aliens have their own rituals too. But all the rituals happening were humans and workout to be Indian rituals. When the time of the seven rounds arrive, animals having two legs threw flowers, animals having four legs through leaves, animals having more legs through dry weeds accompanied with birds throwing twigs and marine life splashing water and at the time of valediction there was an announcement that the spaceship is going to take off in half an hour and says they this is the final time anyone can see her because she can’t do a space travel twice in her lifetime...”

Everyone eventually having a smile on their faces. Most of them have grown interested in the ending but not letting go their proud and not showing their interest. Commenting how childish this is still forcing her to continue so as she would not disturb them when they would be discussing their future plans.

She continues “when the announcement is over mother hand over some amount of soil to toss back instead of rice as she was supposed to leave earth. She did it and changed she changed to her spacesuit and did her final goodbye to everyone.”

Everyone started laughing unbearable but she told them to hold on she had more.

“Planet Pravesh (planet entry) instead of Grah Pravesh (house access). She had changed into a sari. Then her feet starts to appear covering the bottom of the sari continuing to her total body but everyone completed their body too suddenly when she realise that her dupatta had been left behind so she told her green husband to call back the black hole and get back her dupatta and he did it. When every other creature appeared to welcome her with some sorts of food like things as presents when that happen......”

“What ???”

“Please say or else I will die in suspense.”

“Water please “she shouted.

Everyone searched water here and there when a bottle arrived as life saver she drank a little and then said she woke up because it was the time to school.

Everyone started to laugh till they were holding their stomach. Everyone joked that how they had fallen for her stupid dream ignoring the actual reason of meeting. When they started play dump again the mood is destroyed by a newcomer who thought they were supposed to discuss their future plans after getting so poor grades. One of them commented how can think anything when she is here.

Which she answered, “She is supposed to be stupid, idiot, falling everywhere but one thing no one noticed that she is the only one in the class on whom everyone laughs...”

Everyone offended but she continued “I am the only one who can make anyone smile maybe I am not smart talented but I have a lot of fans even they do not know they are my fans. I can cry but I choose to smile because I want to.”

Everyone astonished at her answer while she starts to leave. Few started to make her stay but failed.

3 years passed ......

Unknown number sent message to everyone in the previous meeting saying

“Hey guys, I am the mix of stupid, nonsense, idiot, crazy and bullshit, all together.”

“I have a request I want to see you guys before my death please come with delightful presents ok.  :-p”

Epilogue: - 5 years back in a hospital room ...

“You are a tumour patient you should be admitted to the hospital to get cured or else you will die.”

“I can’t die every day to avoid death. I would prefer to shed blood tears once to shedding water tears daily.’

“You can live longer with the treatment.’

“I am going to live that time in the hospital.”

“You want to die or want.”

“I would prefer to die happily to live regretfully. I want to live fully till the end. I want to be happy because I have no time to cry. I do not have 20 – 30 years to live. By the way, how much should I am going to live.”

“Maybe 3 or 4 years.”

“I will prove you wrong then you would grant me a wish.”


Smile Please

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Back to the message which continues {“although I am dying still I am the only one who you guys went laugh at right because I am the one and only Ahi Mohra the crazy, falling diva Ahi Mohra”

2 days later...

They all visited her with chocolates in their hand which she accepts readily. But she can’t have those now because she was heading to the OT.

Operation rooms light glowed for 6 hours everyone waiting outside.

Next day everyone was happy to know that operation went well and she survived.

Her doctor entered who she asked for her winning wish she told him that she wants ice cream. He rushed to get it but when he returned everyone gathered around the room oh Ahi which comes to know she is no more. He dropped the ice-cream. Everyone’s eyes filled with tears but can’t cry they smiled instead, as of her last wish.

She was lying in her bed; eyes shut open with a smile still on her face.

2 years later....

Everyone assembled again for Ahi’s memorial. Which was just a laughter show expressing their thoughts behaviour before?

In a voiceover, Ahi’s mother stated “she was sad to know that her daughter was supposed to die but still happy. When she supposed to cry every night Ahi told her that she would find a replacement before she leaves. Now she lost her precious daughter but now she has around 90 children of different age groups. I don’t know I should be happy or sad. I can just thank you.”

Tears fall from her eyes and everyone joined each other to take a group photo that her mother proudly put inside an album and when she closed it, it’s cover had a smiling face of Ahi requesting “Smile plz....”     

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