So, You're a Virgin

Simran Munot | 20-Aug-2016

"So you're a virgin ? " I asked out of the blue looking towards the park which was in front of my house.

"Excuse me, " He said while clearing his throat. Deep down I already knew his reaction but I was determined to ask this question to the guy who have come along with his parents to see me. Yes, I am 26 years old assistant manager of an MNC and I am very much eligible for marriage now, well that's what my parents and our society think. I clearly remember how my own cousin was asked this filthy question whether she's virgin or not. The boy who came to see her realised that she had an affair earlier, and his monstrous mind replied each time " YES SHE IS NOT VIRGIN ", well based on his self-judgment he left the house declaring she is not a perfect girl for him.

So you are a virgin
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"Yes tell me you're or not ? " I said while finishing the last drop of my coffee .

"You're not supposed to ask such question," he said in an irritated tone and shrugged his shoulder.

"Why ? You're in a film production field. if I being an assistant manager can make out with employees and senior management team then why not you ? I mean you're always surrounded by hot cheeks. " I replied looking into his eyes.

"I am not that type " he cut me short. Egotist I thought.

"Then how did you asked me how I am a successful woman at this age ? " I said and grinned.

We came downstairs where everyone was in a baffled mood. My face reflects confidence while his pissed off.

"Uncle aunty, I can not marry men like your son who thinks girls sold their body to get successful, sorry he's not eligible for me. I deserve better ". I said and passed a warm smile to them.

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