Sometimes we hold on to love so tight that we unknowingly push it away

Neelakshi Digarse | 15-Feb-2017

When you truly love someone you give them the power to make you vulnerable you let them know what all makes you weak what all breaks you down what all splits your soul and drawing all these keys of your life which you have surrendered to them make you weak. Once you let someone know that they mean the world to you it's evident that you forget that you are yourself the world.

Sometimes we hold on to love so tight that we unknowingly push it away

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We have all heard and read that we should not expect anything while loving someone and it is the truth but it's a fact and loves my darling has never spoken of facts, loving means surrendering yourself to all the irrationality of life and forgetting about logics.

Well If you don't relate to this then close the page but if you find any kind of connection with what's written above darling sit back and get ready to read the bitter truth.

You are trapped in you own thoughts. you are making yourself vulnerable. you are making yourself weak and trust me this is not what should be happening with your soul. You are your own world and I really emphasise on this 'You are Your world'. I can't stress enough on how important it is to find your worth and stick to it.

Love is a wonderful feeling and it is the essence of humanity and we are nothing if we don't have love. We, humans, are loved way before we take birth so it is really important for us to cherish the amount of love we have received in our life. 

Till today people have given enough light on how we should be loved correctly but here I want to rant about 'How important is it to love correctly'
When we fall in love with someone we start all good and happy and as relationships develop and grow there are many things that start affecting our take on our partner. 

Relations are not just built on love, the root a healthy relationship is self-love. The way you treat yourself gives other the standards on how you should be treated. Love is selfless but love doesn't means loving yourself less. Never let the toxic take over you and your beauty by beauty i don't say the beauty of your body but the beauty of your soul  the melody of your heart.

You are a garden filled with blooming beauty, various flowers, goodness of nature, fragrances of prosperity. If you want your relationship to flourish you have build it on positivity and joy, not grief and self-doubt. Everyone wants a relationship that is out of ordinary and happy, Life is short for normality. Yes life is really short for normal love stories. We are all worthy of a blockbuster love story with action, drama and romance. World is full of average happenings so we have no room for a lover that makes us feel ordinary. Undoubtedly love is a two way thing and to build a relationship both need to give equal efforts but still i emphasize love is never ordinary and  should never feel pale love is colourful. Be with someone who looks at you like you are a miracle, one look at you and they smile. Someone who tells you that you are beautiful every single day. One who loves you like you are the only one visible to them. 

Someone who loves your smile,smell,touch and words. Some of us might say that these things are not to be mentioned or spoken about rather these should be felt , true these things should be felt but what is wrong with telling the one you love about how special they make you feel. Life is short for unspoken love. Sing it out loud. Write sonnets about your love about your lover. Make them feel special never ever let them feel alone in this world never leave space for doubt. Enjoy your life to the fullest but never let them feel apart. Love is an empowering feeling so let it be that way. Sing it out loud.

Another take to self-love is dependent on the person you are with because it is very well possible that the person to whom you have surrendered your soul to might just be playing with it. The world is filled with enough toxic people who would want to do noting but suck out the positivity of your soul. So my darling take a step back from these people because that's the only way you can move ahead of them. 

Yes, I agree that we should help one another in doing good things but the only way we can help someone else is by helping ourselves first. Don't let anyone ruin your light. Be so content with yourself that no one can ever set you off. All of us have to understand that tangling someone and restricting them won't help any relationship rather it will only make situations worse. A partner doesn't have to be your slave instead  they are your saver from the harshness of live but only if you treat them right, ultimately what you give is what you get.

When you love someone deeply you tend to give that person all your attention and time so it is evident that you expect the same in return and somewhere in this process one forgets to love ownself.

You can never really love anyone else if you don't love yourself enough. If you want to build a relationship with someone you need to emit positivity and that is coming only when you feel good about yourself. 

Don't let insecurities take you on a run and ruin your relationship. Trust your love and remember everything that is meant for you will never go away from you. 

You can write sonnets for someone build forts turn mountains and it is null to them, something useless to them but then there can be someone you will love you for no reason or for a reason as simple as your breathing.

So, Let yourself breathe, smile and love.

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