Stay Fit and Cool

Payal Das | 25-Sep-2016

Stress is the most harmful element in our life. Most of the ailments and serious illness takes place due to the stress and it’s the root cause of each and every disease. Simply getting rid of it through medication is not enough; we need to make sure that it’s never back again in our life. A Little bit of revised lifestyle can set us free from a stressful life and help us to lead a healthy, beautiful life.

When it comes to lifestyle revision then the foremost thing comes to our mind is our diet which is always considered to be the triggering agent in causing stress. One should cut down the intake of caffeine. Consuming coffee cannot be a solution to any of the worries instead we can switch to green tea as a substitute and much more herbal tea are available to detox you in the market so choose the correct one which goes with your mood and requirement and enjoy sipping. Tea floats can be a good beverage indeed.

Stay fit and cool

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After beverages than comes another villain which is very sweet but actually a poisonous for us . This is none other than sweets and junk food. These can work as catalyst in stress boosting which can be cut down and gradually be avoided to have a stress free life. Choose fresh fruits especially seasonal one, vegetables, lean protein, dry fruits and always include non oily food for your meals. Fruits like Avacados, strawberries, apple and guavas are has got high nutrient value.  Avacado even has left behind the banana in potassium content.

Stay fit and cool

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Smoking can trigger stress into life so quit it and go for some healthy habits like initially grabbing a packet of nicotine sugar free chewing gum or patch. Even snacking or munching on some healthy things like different kind of energy bars can be good replacement for your fag.

As winter is around the corner so dry fruits and nuts are also good choice to opt for. These dry fruits are loaded with heart healthy fats. Walnut, almond or cashew nuts are enriched with omega 3 fatty acids which actually keeps us young by stopping the formation of free radicals. Even including flaxseed, sunflower seeds or chia seeds in food can be of great help.

Stay fit and cool

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Time management for every meal should be done properly. Keep eating at regular intervals as it would give you energy throughout the day.

Apart from making changes in food habits one can do physical exercises which surely will relieve you from stress. One of the best and famous physical exercises is Yoga. It’s a physical and mental work out practiced by yogis since ancient times which basically originated in India and we can say its India’s biggest export till date. Now a day’s not only the Indians but the celebrities of Hollywood also practice yoga. Right from Julia Roberts to Madonna to Orlando Bloom every celebrity is a diehard fan of yoga.

Just 15- 30 minutes of work out can make your life energized and free from mental clutter. Initially one can start with Simple stretching exercises than proceed towards meditation or Pranayama like Sheetali and Bhramani which cools down the body temperature as well as calm down the stress level. So it’s very helpful in summer especially for the tropical countries .

The alternate nostrils breathing technique is another wonderful Pranayama which works as miracle; it relaxes your body and helps to harmonize the left and right hemisphere of your brain.

Stay fit and cool

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Stay healthy and eat good food and keep your yoga mat handy.

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