Stories Untold

Roshani Rathore | 16-Sep-2016

There are floods of emotions
            Drowning you,
There are thoughts trying to
          make sense,

Stories Untold

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Like souls without 
           their bodies,
Trying to Burst out 
        through the mouth,
To make their 
      existence felt.
But the tongue  betrays,
    And the mind is in chaos.

The black ink
   Stains the white paper,
Like blood on 
       a knights armour.
The marks of the 
         unknown tragedies
Hidden from the
         Joyous kingdom.
Caged inside the bar
          Between the lines.

And those, my friend, are the stories untold!! 

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Roshani Rathore
I am a reader, a writer, an unstable soul with a irresistible thirst of seeing the world. I always loved endings, I can never wait for them. So am finding mine!