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Techshlok | 28-Jul-2016

Do you have a hardware idea? A flair for business?

Do you want to be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk?

What is your next step? Do you have a plan or are you confused? Let us figure out what is stopping you.

On a daily basis, creative people will get many ideas which they feel are the next big thing the world needs. Some of them will feel that their ideas are just another thought and leave them in their raw state, while some others will take them to the  next level of implementation.

From Concept to Hardware Prototype

Take the electric car, for example. It was not something new, but the strategy used by Elon Musk (founder of Tesla Motors) and the way he implemented it made Tesla Motors a billion dollar firm .

So, how can one of us do it?

Even when we give it our best effort, the chances of making it big are still very low. Only 1% of startups make it in the long run.

Though there are many reasons for failure, one of the major reasons is the size of the steps we take. Usually, people start by taking big steps without any proper planning or strategy. Then, if they fail, their moral and confidence will go down along with their money and other losses in business.

It is always best to start small and continue with small, manageable steps. For example, let's say you have an idea for making a machine which can automate the tasks to be done in a factory or industry. You feel that the idea can revolutionise everything. But wait ! What you feel about this idea may or may not be true.

The first step, after getting an idea is to conduct a case study. Case studies can be done on a negligible budget and can help gain insights about the idea. It can help us understand details such as market area and feasibility, and lets us know whether our idea is realistic .

Once we know that an idea is possible with the current market and time, we should go for a low budget working hardware prototype. If we were not confident about our idea, then, seeing the working prototype will give us the boost we need.

This prototype can be used to learn the actual impact of the product. After the prototype is developed, we will get to know many points which we did not consider earlier. This happens often. The prototype can be shown to investors or used for crowd funding campaigns, it can also be used to get a few customer reviews. Mostly, we should target people who are in the same niche for reviews and suggestions. 

Once the reviews are done, we can make a bug list and work on them, then we can give it its final touches .

Once you are satisfied with your product, you can launch it for beta testing to see end user reviews .

Though all of this looks like an easy, step by step, DIY tutorial, you may still need someone to assist you with various processes like hardware development, testing , making the bug list, getting reviews and marketing .

For all such assistance, you can check out They provide support at every step, from case study to final product and marketing for hardware.  

TechShlok provides three major services :

  1. Prototype Development  - Thought of a hardware idea which can take the world by storm? Want to see it convert into a reality? Then, we are the team your idea should desire. We will be a perfect fit, where a team of skilled engineers with class design skills will come together to form a working hardware prototype of your idea. Read More
  2. Product Development – Do you want to start a product development from scratch? Then, be confident and approach us. Our refined team will convert your ideas into a well-working product ready to be launched in the market, to compete against others and get the success you had always aimed for. Read More
  3. Customised Electronics - Innovation always opens doors for new opportunities. Our finesse in the field of electronics let us innovate around the existing solutions. Now you can get any electronics gadgets build for you as per your imagination or your specific requirementsRead More

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