Teenage Love

Harshita Sevaldasani | 04-Feb-2017

Have you ever fallen for someone? Admit it. Yes, one or other way.

Teenage is a duration when we all fall for someone at least once. It's normal since we all misunderstand the changes in our moods due to the growth of hormones.

Well, I might be hurting the feelings of people who are already in love. Since not everyone can accept or even read the harsh realities. That's OK.

When you ask a teenager about their story of love, either he or she will be having a crush or a relationship or maybe already heartbroken, drowned in the memories of someone who already left.

Well, we all feel alone at times and feel like having someone special, to share our feelings, to get adored by and to have someone whom you can irritate all the time. Isn't it?

Teenage is a dreadful age when you ask me, for this is the time you find yourself superior to anyone or say everyone also when parents, teachers are below your fake friends.

Well, I'll be selfish enough if I don't mention the struggles teenagers face.

Teenage Love

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Teenage boys have a tough time. They have to compete in marks and girlfriend both. Well, teenage boys are categorised into 3 sections. First are the "smart ones" who already have a girlfriend and they keep updating too. They are most hated ones from the boy's side.

Second are the "crushed ones". They have their eyes on one all the time. Also, they 're bold enough to share their feelings with each one except the girl. The girl often becomes "bhabhi" of hundreds without even knowing sometimes the name of Bhaiya.

And the last category boys are "Forever alone" ones. They are basically failures in the competition of girlfriends. And this category is again subdivided into two parts, first "Bhai koi to Dilwade." And second "Mujhe Pyar Wyar Mein Yakeen Nahi" the second ones are basically the ones craving for girls from inside but preventing getting insulted outside.

The single ones have just one task - 'finding someone' and the committed ones are going through the real challenge..!

Satisfying a girl is as tough as convincing your mother not to abuse your smartphone. Approximately impossible. Girls are way too moody. Remembering their B'day, their parents B'day, their friends B'day, their parents' anniversary date. Well, hats off..! And pleasing the girl when you've slipped any is a challenge itself.

The battle doesn't end here. She'll expect you to remember even the dates when you saw her first, talked her first, felt something for her first and also the dates when you proposed her? when she said yes when you said I love you first? when she smiled at you first? when you made a call first.

I appreciate boys craving to get a girlfriend. Really..!

They're ready to face all such challenges.

Also getting to know what's wrong with the girl when she replies "hmm", "k", "I'm fine" is even tougher than being prime minister of the country. Handling mood swings of a girl is as easy as handling the anger of your mother when you're failed in the exam and she catches you operating your smartphone.

Well, I still need to learn a lot from these patient boys. Anyways I'll be partial if I forget to mention the struggles of girls.

It's really hard being a girl. Like you need to go parlour for getting ready and you get ready for going parlour. Such a hard life.

Looking better than all other girls, having a maximum number of boys behind. Friendzoning people and putting a status of feeling alone isn't easy.

Keeping your ego ahead 24x7 and quoting "no one loves me".

Boys will never know the hardship.

And especially the two main problems, "nothing to wear" and "no place to keep clothes" are on the top. Well quoting an excuse for each dress that you're asked to wear seems easy?

Also the competition among girls in the case of boyfriends. "Her boyfriend gifted her a beautiful dress on valentine day and what did you bring? just an expensive handbag? Oh, you were a mistake..! I've to feel embarrassed now when other girls are going to ask me what I got on valentines day"

Trust me, making your boyfriend jealous is significant too. You need to do this on a regular basis to keep him interested in you. Also, breaking up with a reason "he was too friendly with other girls, he was just a cheater even though I always loved him truly."  Is such a pain.

I salute girls for such trouble as well. I wish I could be one like them.

Teenagers face a hard time switching their statements from "butterflies in the stomach" to "fighting with my 3 a.m. demons"

Teenagers who even don't know doing integration by parts, feel broken, feel done with relationships. They feel like committing a suicide when they find love is painful, even before they learn washing their underwear on their own.

4th standard students own a girlfriend, I wonder how he may have managed to convince her, maybe by "Tujhe Doraemon ki Kasam, Haan Karde"

I'd thank smartphones for such change. You really did a great job. Instead of playing "Ghoda Badam Chai" they are engaged checking out vulgarity. Selfies have replaced the "Chidhiya Udd" game. I've seen kids playing "3 Patti" on their smartphone instead of "Chupan Chupai".

I feel thankful for wasting my childhood in innocence and outdoor games. Collecting bournvita stickers were more interesting than valentine gift from some oaf.

Crushing on celebrities were more interesting than some classmate. Having best friends is more interesting over boyfriends. Being called out "the fat ghost" from my besties always sound better than "Jaanu".

 Not owning a personal phone during childhood is a blessing. You enjoy the real childhood. You hold your innocence. You smile all the time with your friends without paying attention to some hot guy/girl passing by.

You don't feel low too often for a bowl of chocos and an episode of shin chan combs it all.

Discussing the "what ifs" is much cooler than discussing about couples. Planning to be a power ranger was better than being someone's princess other than your papa.

Ending up my thoughts here, I'd like to convey that smartphones and teenage love eat up your childhood. Because at the end, you'll remember being punished for raising your finger up during "kutta udd" over the number of likes your stupid selfie got. Believe in creating memories, not posts.

Spend some time with your family, for they are the only non-fake, selfless people around you. And that's how you won't call your life "Jhand" too quick.

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