Ten Wacky Ways To Get Cheap Car insurance

Nitin Arora | 17-Mar-2017

How nice it would have been if you would have access to some magic wand which could reduce the expensive car insurance premium amount just with a single wave. The fact is that there is no magic wand on waving of which you would get cheaper car insurance in your state. Getting the lowest car insurance in California or any state that you live in can be made possible with a little bit of strategic and smart planning.

Ten Wacky Ways To Get Cheap Car insurance

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On searching the internet, you would get many ideas that will tell you how to get cheap car insurance. This post will educate you on 10 wacky ways that would cut down the price of car insurance drastically.

1. Get a telematic device 
You need not make your car look like it’s owned by James Bond, but installing a tracking device could slash the insurance rates significantly. With a telematic device onboard, the insurer would get confidence in you as they would get reports of how fast and how much you drive or how many times you are hitting the brake hard. If the record shows that you are a safe driver, your insurance premiums will go down like anything.

2. Display the VIN 
An etched VIN or vehicle identification number on the corner of the windshield will not hamper the aesthetics of the car but will reduce your insurance rates significantly. Cars with etched VINs tend to get less stolen.

3. Take a house in Maine 
You can save thousands of dollars on your car insurance if your postal address belongs to Maine. That is the state which has the lowest rates, thanks to the safe driving habits and the stern laws of the state. Take a job, move to Maine and cut down on the car insurance rates, as simple as that!

4. Tie the nuptial knot
Trends show that married people pay less car insurance than those who are single. Insurance companies believe that married people are more responsible and have a lesser tendency to get involved in accidents. 

5. Buy a house
It might sound crazy that to save a thousand dollars or less, you are being asked to invest a hundred thousand dollars or more. However, buying a house has many other benefits other than saving a potential amount of car insurance.

6. Learn to drive safe
Driving safe will ensure that you do not meet an accident, and that will give you the opportunity to choose an insurance with the highest deductible possible. With the deductible amount going high, the chances of getting a cheap car insurance grows higher.

7. Pay your credit card bills on time
A person with good credit scores will need to pay lesser car insurance. So now you understand why paying the credit card bill on time is important!

8. Fight for discounts
Your insurance broker may not tell you but there are at least 6-7 different types of discounts which are applicable on car insurance rates. Bargain with your broker to get the best possible discount. The better you bargain, the better deal would you get.

9. Don’t be loyal
Don’t get us wrong here! We mean that do not be loyal to the car insurance company. Sticking to the same company for years could stop you from getting better deals that other insurers have to offer.

10. Get a degree
If you already do not hold one, getting a degree can reduce the car insurance rates notably. Insurers tend to charge lesser insurance rates to degree holders as compared to common people.

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