The City of Joy - Kolkata

Rajshree Das | 22-Mar-2017

And she said, “She and her husband want to save as much as they could and buy a piece of land in their native village.” As her father-in-law doesn’t have much, which they could inherit, except three wives more than ten children. A piece of land divided between ten children won’t benefit them much. So, Shabana and her husband are working hard to raise their two kids, as well as to save for the rainy days

“Where is your village”?

“It’s in Bangladesh.”

“What?” She is earning money to buy a piece of land in Bangladesh, not here?

“Men can easily get jobs anywhere, like in fields, factories, depending on their capabilities, but for women ! it’s tough.” But then there is garments factory, where women can get jobs. I used to buy most of the Algodon stuff back in the US, with “Made in Bangladesh” tag.

“So why didn’t you work there?”

“Working there, people starts looking for other options.”

“What kind of options?”

“Married people having extra-marital affairs and unmarried ones choose their future Begums and Shohars.” What I got to know that, they had a better time. “So, my husband won’t allow me to work there”. Unlike any other Muslim world, this seems very broad minded thing. Befriending males and working without burkhas, doesn’t appear to be a crime. Otherwise, fatwas would have been issued here and there.

“How did you come here?”

“We crossed the border.”

“Didn’t they stop you?”

“We paid to the agents, who in turn paid to the border security people.”

“Oh really!! How much do you pay?”

“2000-2500 per person.”

“In Taka or Rupees?”


“For children also same price?”

“Under ten years no charges, above ten same charges. But now the price has increased to 4000-4500 rupees per person. Now, the agents have raised the prices.As such people are making proper visa, as the prices are almost same and there is no fear of getting caught.”

I was wondering, what made the leaders do the drama of East and West Pakistan. Just for the ambition of becoming leaders!! For all good things, you have to infiltrate India. Be it jobs, education, treatment or entertainment. When not able to compete then terrorise India.

The City of Joy Kolkata

She told me people are friendly here, as they let us live and earn here, unless and until there is a raid. Cheers to the people of Kolkata, who knows how to share with their neighbours.These neighbours are from the minority community.?

One day, I asked her how she is going to survive in the long run, as she won’t be able to avail the necessary facilities, like medical treatment, banking or staying in a rented house.

“Why not? We have got Adhar card.”

After coming back from the US, my husband and I weren't able to make our Adhar cards, due to non-availability of residential proof. Though we are having our valid passports, pan cards and driving licenses.

“How did you manage to get yours?”

“The agents have made our proper Adhar cards.” Later came to know, they are the source of significant vote bank.

So why to blame other leaders, when our leaders have the same ambition.

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