The Completed Half

Aman Gupta | 06-Feb-2017

This story begins at St. Stephen’s Orphanage, Manchester(U.K), where three true friends lived with a strong bond of love for each other. Those 3 Charlie, Peter and Liza were the souls of each other. If one cries, the other two were always ready with a solution to the problem. Once a boy bullied Charlie to such an extent that he got so frightened that he became the serious issue for the caretaker of the Orphanage to deal with. As Peter was a very good friend of Charlie. Therefore, he called Peter to find out what actually the problem was. Charlie couldn’t refuse to Peter’s query. Therefore, the truth was naked among all. Thus the caretaker punished the guilty boy and hence Peter and Charlie shared a long lasting friendship for the rest of their lives. Besides all this, they both had a common friend Liza who was also like the other kids who were left by their parents in the Orphanage. All the three enjoyed their lives at Orphanage until the decision day came. This was a usual custom of Orphanage that on this day different people come to adopt kids from the institute so all the three were afraid of being separated from each other. But the destiny took it to another way, All the three were adopted but by different people. Therefore after that day they neither got a chance to meet nor had any contact with each other. 

The Complete Story

As the time passed, all three grew up and now Peter(27), Liza(24) & Charlie(26) were all in different fields of life. But destiny denied their complete separation. Thus Orphanage organised a fest for the alumni of Orphans on the occasion of “25 years of Establishment” in which all three were invited and got into gangs of friends again. they started to meet at Clubs, Pubs, Discos, Parties, Beaches and various places. While all this was going on, Charlie felt the feeling of love with Liza and he started thinking of her days and nights-how they met, how they spent time with each other, how she came up with her piggy bank when he told her about his wish to buy that shiny watch at street’s corner shop. Charlie just amazed by such feelings with a heart only to love Liza and he falls in dreams to have “Char-Liza” one day. Finally, he wants someone to discuss his feelings and immense love for her. In the meanwhile, after a couple of days, Peter called Charlie on his Farm House Party. Charlie got an idea to discuss his feelings with Peter. As Soon as Peter came to know about this he was happy for his friend to such a level that he hugged him with a champagne glass. But both the guys didn’t know what were Liza’s feeling. Peter gave an idea to Charlie to write a letter to her expressing his immense love and wish to marry her. Charlie took three days to express his feelings on a single sheet of paper and that was totally defined because Love is a feeling that can neither be hidden nor be explained. Finally, he wrote the letter and asked Peter to give it to her because Charlie never wanted that due to his proposal they lose their friendship. Peter being the friend cum brother not denied to him. So he gave the letter to Liza and the next day she also said YES to him but the life made it worse for Charlie to live on when he came to know that she admired peter since childhood but never told him because she was afraid of losing him as a friend too. All this happened because Charlie had never mentioned his name in the letter. Firstly Charlie was a deep sadness, but since he a nice soul, he never went to Peter’s luck. he felt he shouldn’t be the cause of ruining his friend’s love life. So he let Peter say YES for her too and get married to her as soon as possible. Therefore Liza and Peter got married and after 1. 5 years a baby girl born in the family of Two. Peter wanted Charlie to give her(baby) a name. For the intense love with Liza, he named their daughter as ‘Liza’. This brought all of them to the normal track of life.

After a few years, Peter got a job proposal in Amsterdam where he had to shift with the family in a couple of weeks. But Liza didn’t want to go with the 5-year-old girl to shift to a new place where they didn’t know anybody. Peter, knowing Liza can’t refuse to Charlie, took his help to encourage Liza to move on with him & Charlie helped him too by doing so. Thus they left Manchester with all their property sold off. But God had planned something else for them. Unfortunately, the plane crashed with all passengers and out of 9 people who survived one was the little ‘Liza’ who lost both of his parents in a blink of the same moment. Charlie felt that the God brought the days of her parent’s childhood to her. But the court allowed ‘Liza’ to live with Charlie but only on a voluntary basis. Charlie welcomed her in his life with the open arms and Liza got a new parent in the form of a friend, a guide and overall a father who loved her mother once and never got a chance to complete his “love story”. Today she is celebrating her 15th birthday and after the celebrations when she slept, he went to her room & got a card whose last words were “THANK YOU, DADDY”. he smiled and came in his room to write his personal diary. he slept on the sofa only after writing something. The next morning Liza saw him sleeping on the sofa with the diary. she carefully took off the diary from sleeping Charlie’s arms and read the page with the message for Liza, “. . . . . . . . . . . . . . I’m living with you through your daughter though you didn’t know what I felt about you. I just know the love I left half, it's complete now. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . -CHARLIE”.

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