The Cruel Woodcutter

Payal Das | 21-Mar-2017

Once upon a time, there was woodcutter in Udhampur village. He used to stay there with his wife and a 5-year-old kid. He was very cruel, and he uses to chop off trees within no time.

The cruel woodcutter

One day after having his breakfast he went to the jungle with his axe to cut down the trees, there he chopped off the trees one after another, and when came near the Sheesham tree, Shyam became tired, so he decided to take rest in the shade of the tree. All of a sudden he heard the voice which sounded like the person is very scared. The voice begged, “please don’t cut this tree it’s my home”. The woodcutter was shocked to hear the voice as he can’t see anyone. He asked with a roar “who are you and why are you hiding, come out and then talk to me”. After he had finished saying this, there was a silence, and a few minutes later a small mynah came out gliding. The bird hopped and stood in front of him and again said the same thing. The woodcutter asked, “who are you”? The bird said, “I am Keshav, and I stay in this tree with my family, please don’t cut this tree”.  The woodcutter said, “I am  Shyam, the woodcutter, and this is my job, and I do this for earning my livelihood because I too have a family”. Then the bird replied, “you can do numerous things to earn livelihood so please try those and don’t cut the trees, we all would become homeless”. But still, he cut the tree and went back home with all the logs.

Days passed, and Keshav found a new home in the forest. One day when Keshav was returning home, he saw the woodcutter and thought of talking to him. He stopped by the woodcutter and said “hello”, hearing Keshav’s voice Shyam turned back and bent down and greeted him as well. He was very tensed and was crying, seeing this Keshav asked him why was he crying, then the woodcutter said that his 5-year-old kid is ill and the Vaid Ji has told him to get the bark of Arjuna tree so that it can be powdered to make the medicine, but he couldn’t find one. Keshav heard this and immediately told him to follow him, he took him in the woods and there stood the Arjuna tree and from that tree the woodcutter peeled a small piece of bark. With his wet eyes and shaking voice, he thanked Keshav, seeing this Keshav said: today a tree saved your kid’s life, so save trees don’t cut them”. Shyam, the woodcutter, went back to his home and Vaid Ji made the medicine from the bark of the tree. This whole incident proved to be a great lesson for Shyam, since that day he started planting trees on his son’s birthday and never hurt any animal.

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