The Dawn

Sheela Joby | 07-Feb-2017

Bela, a short height but a beautiful girl of 25 years was standing in the fish market. Bargaining with the fish seller and getting the stuff at the rate which she says is one of her favourite past times. She is not only beautiful but a clever lady. She is one of those happy go lucky girls who would never succumb to her trying circumstances. Instead, she would willingly take up those challenges as "peace and comfort" and then would give her best to win over the circumstances.

Being a wise lady, she would never lose her temper. However, worse the situation becomes or how much trouble her opponents would create for her, she would take a wise decision, calm down the people and talk firmly, though politely.

The Dawn

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However, she would never leave any chance of punishing her enemies and those who created hindrances in her way. That implies her magma of her anger would actually be thrown out at the right time, at the right place and on exactly those people really needed the dose of Ms Bela. Her opponents would be frightened when she would walk in the office. She walks like a queen and in the office, she takes special care that her colleagues should not mistake her to be a helpless woman. One of her colleagues even tweaked on her opponents once "Hey! Look, the lioness of our office has arrived; I hope the frightened jackals would now find their way under their respective tables. HaHaha!" He laughed aloud at them.

Nevertheless, time spares no one. Even strong people have to undergo some kind of turmoil which actually makes them stronger. Quoting the lines of a great man of Japan "iron when heated in the flames and pounded, becomes a fine sword." Bela had got engaged a year back but she broke it after 6 months. The reason was none other than the demand of dowry from the boy's side. Hearing about dowry every relative would say to her "So what Bela if they are asking for dowry, ultimately it will go with you only. There is nothing wrong in it; after all, it is our tradition."

Bela would say nothing. She remained calm, though very sad, but took her final decision and straightforwardly refused the boy's people. It was a painful decision for her as Bela had been in the relationship with that person for 5 years. Getting married to him was her dream and when a dream shatters, the person also shatters. The next six months had become hell for Bela. She would appear strong outside, but inside, she would die each second. She believed that her love for Shubham would never die, even though he did not take a stand at that time.

Bela felt miserable when she turned up at a friend's birthday party. Some of her known old classmates would taunt her who was jealous of her. She was lost in herself, even being at the gathering, she was not a part of it. She sat in one corner, turned an empty glass upside down, pushed it right, then left, then turned it again. It was as if she was looking at the delicate glass as her own life and started speaking to herself "Once it goes up, then down, then this side and that side, and then, suddenly a storm comes and the glass shatters…Khachak!! Crack!" Broken pieces of the glass spread in front of her.

The Dawn

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Nobody in the party had time to look at this lonely girl and why would anybody do so. After all, they had come to drink, dance and dramatise their own lives of luxury. However, a dutiful waiter came over there to pick up the broken glass pieces, but as soon as he started picking up, a young man also started picking up the glass pieces along with the waiter. The waiter said to the man in a surprised tone "Sir! Please don't do that, you will get hurt. I' am here to clean this area." The young man, who appeared to be in the mid-20's, replied smilingly "my friend, I' am here so that at the case you get hurt then I will take you to the medical room inside. Sukhdev, don't worry." Saying this, he brought a smile to Sukhdev's (the waiter) face.

This scene of benevolence attracted Bela's attention, and for some minutes she stood and kept gazing at that young man's face. He came up to her and shook hands with her. Bela looked into her eyes and he looked into hers. "Hi! I' am Bela", "I' am Shubham." She suddenly pulled her back her hand and spoke out just one sentence "No, not again." It was not because his name was the same, but because this Shubham shared some traits as her ex-fiancé, of helping out people and not being egoistic, which was evident from his action of helping out the waiter.

Shubham got confused. He tried to talk to Bela, but she did not say anything. Her inner voice said to her "be courageous and be polite." She would always encourage herself whenever she would meet a situation like this, it gave her strength.

She replied,"hi! I' am Bela." The conversation began finally. 

Shubham: Nice to meet you, Miss Bela. Why are you not enjoying the party? See everybody there is dancing and enjoying.

Bela: No, I' am fine here. Actually, I don't drink and if I go there, they would start teasing me. So I chose to be here. And I feel awkward because everyone around is drinking while I will be having juice.

Shubham: So what, if you don't take a hard drink, there are juices also, you can have anything you like.

Bela: Alright Sir. I will take the orange juice. And what will you have?

Shubham: I' am not Sir, I' am Shubham, I guess (he tried to make her laugh)and I love fruit juices, so I will also take orange juice. You will be surprised to know that even I don't drink. Very occasionally I take the drink, when somebody is forcing me or when I feel like having a drink. But you know what?

Bela: What?

Shubham: I fool people when they force me too much to have a drink. I mix the glasses of their hard drink with the soft drink, whichever is of the same colour. And they are already so much drunk that they cannot identify that they drinking the soft drink and not what they initially took. Both of them laughed and started walking towards the bar.

They took orange juice and again started walking.Since Shubham was talking much, Bela could not even tell him that she was getting late. Moreover, she really needed someone like Shubham at that time because she was feeling lonely. Shubham was good and she didn't feel even once that he would harm her in any case. The music was loud enough to make people deaf, but these two people were lost in each other.

They walked together towards the boundary of the hotel. That side was a little away from the party. The boundary wall was lower, though the place where they were standing was on a higher platform because behind the hotel was the sea. The sea rocks were the side of the hotel, so where they were standing was a very beautiful place. The moon shining overhead, the sound of the sea waves and the cool breeze blowing as if the waves and the breeze were having an unstoppable chit chat. They looked at the moon and waves, then looked at each other and smiled. Shubham even felt nervous as he liked her. But at the same time, he noticed a little sadness combined with a strange calmness on Bela's face.

Shubham: "What happened Bela? Why you look a little sad? Are you not comfortable here, or are you getting late?"

Bela: Yes I' am getting late. But I don't want to leave this place right now. I' am very comfortable here. (looking at him, in his eyes, she said ) Can I stay with you for some more time, if you don't mind?

Shubham: (laughingly) Bela, why would a handsome guy like me mind talking to a beautiful girl like you. By the way, May I know what is making you sad. Any old memory has come to your mind I guess.

Bela: Yes. (again, there was a strange calmness on her face, but as she understood that

Shubham was trying to  understand her, her sadness like ice was breaking)

Shubham: I don't know what is giving you pain, but Bela, I would like to tell you something. I was in a relationship three years back and my ex-girlfriend looked almost like you. When I saw you tonight, my first reaction was to hold back my hand and not to meet you. But then I noticed the broken pieces of glass around you, I realised that you are troubled so much that you are not disturbed by the sight of broken pieces of glass over there. Then I decided to talk to you.

Life does not give you options. It is we, who have to create options as well as opportunities for ourselves. If our past comes to haunt us then we should realise that the time has come when we have to create opportunities for ourselves. Because if we waste our energy at the present moment to get depressed over what had happened then we would be completely exhausted till the time any new opportunity comes in front. And then (looking at Bela) we will not be with each other.

Bela: My ex-fiancé's name was also Shubham. Your style and thinking are also same as his.

Shubham: So both of us belong to the same category, broken hearts and both of us don't drink. Don't you feel that in this party, all the animals are dancing and we are the more gentle humans having talks? Both of them laughed.

Shubham: Finally, you laughed. Bela, I' am the straightforward man. Now what I' am going to say, please listen and don't react until I stop. I know you are pained by our past; even I was in the similar situation some time back. But I moved on, you must also. Come out of your shell, meet people, even with those who taunt you, just show them that you are least bothered. If you keep staying away from the society, you will not be able to move on.

Spend a little time with such people, but spend. Spend more time with your loved ones, but spend. Don't spend the entire time with your work and with your loneliness. Otherwise, it will eat you like the termite. And its 12 o clock, it's already late for you; I will myself drop you to your place. Don't worry, call your parents now only to tell them that you are starting from here now and will reach safely. He started walking towards the exit gate of the hotel where his car was parked. But Bela did not budge.

Shubham: C'mon Bela, what are you doing, come, let's go.

Bela: If I say I want to enjoy the party, then?

Shubham: (In a surprised tone, but happily) You want to dance? Are you sure?

Bela: Yes, with you.

Shubham: With me? Ok, come then.

They got on the dance floor and danced. People were startled to see them dance together, especially Bela. They fell in love with each other. Falling in love in a few minutes or a few hours is not impossible. Everything is possible. It's only the right time, the right person with whom we talk to. Sometimes people live around us for many years and still, we are not able to understand their feelings. While other times, people are around us for only some minutes or hours and we mingle up well as if we have an eternal bond. Even if we don't talk much, we still know that this is the person whom we want in our lives. Besides choosing the life partner, it can be anybody. Talk about any new friend or colleague. So this time, it was about Bela and Shubham.

The Dawn

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In two hours they realised that they are made for each other. Bela stepped down from the dance floor. She was laughing, giggling; overjoyed with the dancing she sat down on the chair and looked at people happy. Shubham dragged another chair and sat beside her. They looked at each other and laughed a lot. Then Shubham showed her watch, it was 1 o clock. They left the place hurriedly. As soon as they got into the car, Shubham asked her without wasting time.

Shubham: Bela, can I ask you something.

Bela: (playfully) no, you can't. Because I want to go home (and then laughed like a kid)

Shubham: Will you marry me?

Bela: Drop me home. (Still smiling and giggling)

Shubham: I' am not joking, I' am serious.

Bela: (looked at him and then looked at the front glass, she was shield ) If I say come and talk to my parents tomorrow?

Shubham: Oh definitely, oh yes. But you will make the orange juice and not the tea.

Bela: Excuse me, are you coming to ask for my hand or for having orange juice?(Angrily, but with love)

Shubham: of course for the juice. And their loving fight continued till they reached their destination. They went away talking and fighting and laughing. At 1 o clock on the empty streets of Mumbai, these lovebirds were chirping because for them their new life had finally dawned.

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