The Face behind the Mask!

Simran Munot | 11-Mar-2017

Most of us, rather, every one of us wears a kind of mask every day. That mask depends upon the person to whom we are talking about and what are we feeling at that time. Isn’t it?

Just a simple question. Do you remember the day when you did exactly what you wanted to do? Did you speak what you exactly wanted to say them when they were around you? Did you express your true feelings to a person it may be love or hatred?

The Face behind the Mask

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Most of the answers would be NO! That’s nothing wrong or strange in it. Even I accept it that I wear a mask every day. We tend to hide our deepest thoughts, feelings and emotions and present our self as if we do not feel anything or we do not care what people say about us. But somewhere we do care what people say, we do feel bad many times. We tend to control all our feelings and keep it inside us.

Just because you become cautious rather selective when it comes to revealing yourself to the world it does not mean that you are insincere, dishonest or disloyal. We have all come across people who hide behind masks. Those are the people whose real personalities are completely hidden behind an imaginative face. Their facial expression and body language say something else and their words means something else

Why we tend to weak such mask? What is the need of wearing a mask? There are many answers to this question.

One may be that we do not want our first impression to be bad in front of others. Because people tend to draw many conclusions in the first impression itself and that would leave a long lasting influence.  For example, a simple greeting in the first impression would let them conclude that the person is simple, generous and friendly. 

People wear mask because fear struck them. What kind of fear? Fear of being rejected by the society? Or fear of not fitting into the expectations of your friends, family or acquaintances?

The people are afraid of the world or to be more precise the surrounding (society) may not accept them as they are. There have the fear that people would not understand them and can make fun of their weakness or vulnerabilities. In a nut shell they don’t want to give anyone chance to make fun of them or ruin their reputation or may be they avoid people because they think the people would take advantage of their weak points and strong point s. This is because we tend to judge a person with in the first meeting.

What I am trying to convey is that we only show certain sides of our personality to everyone around us. We tend to become an actor who wears a different mask depending upon the situation and the people around us.

I believe we should shed our masks away. Why? Is that what are you thinking right now isn’t it? Well I have three practical reasons.

Firstly, we should try to live in our potential. We should bring out all our abilities and skills. I know there are numerous people having the same skill or may be they are better than you. But no one in this world has the same thinking power, creativity or personality. We all are unique. They may be having better skills than you but you may bring out something unique and interesting. You may have good spirit and enthusiasm of the work you do. That’s something they won’t be able to match. If we continue to wear such masks we may lose our talent or our potential.

The second reason is relief. Don’t you get exhausted to live an inauthentic life or being a fake person? We may put a mask or two or three or may be ten then take off three masks and then add a couple of more different masks. It is really very exhausting.  And the worst part of this is that we forget who we really are.

The third reason would be healing. I have observed that when we wear masks we prove ourselves unworthy. Masks leave many scars on our soul. In any kind of relationship we can’t be truly happy or healed unless and until we offer all the pieces that we hold back. It will be like giving a broken vase and asking to fix it up but holding back two or three pieces.

Don’t hide behind the mask. We weren’t born with the masks isn’t it? We put them off because of fear. So only we can take them off. Think about the negative message and ask yourself whether it is true? Most of the answers would be no. and if suppose the answer turns out to be yes then ask yourself that Why am I carrying that message every time?  What would happen if I leave that message right there? Nothing would happen. What is the main risk? Society’s reaction? Let me tell you an interesting thing. When you open up yourself in front of society you would threaten others. I am not joking I am serious! They would be afraid because you will invite them to reevaluate themselves and their life. They may think that even they have the power to change but they haven’t changed themselves yet and would not do so because even they fear from the society as you do.


Don’t remove your mask partially. The world will scare you and it will force you to put it back on. The main battle we have to face as human beings is that we have to protect our own self and be our own self not the one that society wants you to become. It is very easy to say and difficult to do so but it’s NOT impossible. Think once about the masks you wear and try to promise yourself to take them off. Present yourself as you are. No shame. No apology. No regrets. Because every individual, in this world, has a right place, where he/she becomes more beautiful and skillful


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