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Aakanksha Jain | 05-Mar-2017

Vihaan was a fresher in an automobile company as an employee. He had just completed his post graduation in engineering. But due to his lower grades and poor performance in academics, the employers hired him to a lower position in a company showroom just because of his interaction and convincing skills.

The Fanatic Writer

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Vihaan was a silent person. He wasn't used to talking with the colleagues. He just remained quiet and concentrated on his work the whole day. He just used to say one line or two if the other person talked to him first.

Days passed by and one day, he was busy in his work when suddenly he heard a voice, "Excuse me, can you please tell me the way to HR cabin?"

He turned and saw a young lady standing behind him. He pointed his finger towards the HR cabin. She ran to the cabin. Vihaan kept thinking of her and wondered the reasons for such a hurry. Then he again got busy into his work. After a while, he heard the same voice on his desk.

"Hi, I am Myra. What's your name?" She asked in a soft and lovely voice.

"I am Vihaan."

"Okay. I am the new receptionist of your showroom. Actually, I came here for the job interview today and got late. So, I was in quite a hurry. Thanks for guiding me to the HR cabin. I got the job."

"Oh! Congratulations for your new job."

"Thank you!" She said and smiled.

After that, she asked him many questions and he answered all. Then she said "Bye" to him and left. Vihaan thought about Myra the whole day. This was the first time he interacted with a stranger for so long. Next day, they again met and had their lunch together.

Slowly, they became friends and their friendship grew into love. They both knew that they had feelings for each other and one fine day, they confessed their feelings. Even Myra's family was convinced by Vihaan for their marriage but they had an issue. Vihaan used to live alone and never talked about his family. When Myra's parents asked the reason, he replied that he lives in Delhi for the job and his family is in his native city Varanasi. He was not in contact with his family because his family didn't like the idea of going out of the station for the job. So, they were upset with him. After Myra's parents got convinced, they got married.

They were living a happy life. Everything was going perfectly.  One fine day, Myra woke up Vihaan for the breakfast and went to the dining table. Vihaan came up little later with one of his hands behind his back. She asked him what he was hiding from her. He smiled and said, "A little surprise for you!"

As he came closer to Myra, he attacked her with the knife which he was holding in his hand behind his back. But Myra slipped out from the chair on getting frightened by the sight of knife and Vihaan missed his target. Myra hurried and escaped from the place and somehow reached her parents' house. All the family members got frightened on seeing Myra in such a condition. They asked her to tell what happened to her. She told them the whole story.

Myra's parents registered a FIR in the nearest police station. Police arrested Vihaan on the charge of 'attempt to murder'. But soon police found that Vihaan was having some psychological problem. They asked an experienced psychiatrist to talk to Vihaan. The psychiatrist had an enquiry session with Vihaan. After the session, he asked the police to call his family members. As his only known family members were Myra and her family, so police called upon them. When they came, Myra told the psychiatrist that they never had any such situation due to which Vihaan should have got furious and that she didn't know anything about his family.

The psychiatrist told police and Myra that Vihaan attacked her because he saw Mishka instead of Myra. He further added, "Mishka was his first love. They were in love since they were in 11th standard. But as they completed their 12th, Mishka started ignoring him. After a few days, he saw that Mishka was roaming with some other guy and the guy was her new boyfriend. Vihaan was shattered. But he wanted to take revenge. So, one day, he killed Mishka with a knife. Since then, Mishka's spirit haunts him."

Myra was shocked to hear that. Vihaan never told her about any past relationships or any girl named Mishka. The police released a search order for Vihaan's parents so that they could proceed the case further. As soon as his parents got the information, they reached Delhi. When the police told them the whole story, Vihaan's father was shattered. He told police that he had been searching Vihaan since two years. He further told that Vihaan was never in a relationship with Mishka or any other girl. 

"What are you saying? Vihaan himself confessed this to our psychiatrist." Said the officer.

 His father handed over a diary to the officer and said, "When Vihaan was a child, he wanted to become a writer. But I never allowed him to do that and forced him to choose Engineering. This is the novel he was writing at that time. Mishka is the lead character of this novel. One day, when he was writing this story, I snatched his diary from his hand and kept it with me. The story he told you is the same as of this novel. After that, he continued engineering but got lost in the world of this novel and started getting panic attacks. Even he attacked other people thinking of them as Mishka. He started having these problems in the final year of graduation. Then, after completion of his, we enrolled him in part-time post graduation course of engineering. But one day, he ran from his house and we are searching him since that day. I really repent my decision of making him choose Engineering. The writing was his passion."

The police further investigated and found no such case in Varanasi on Mishka or any other girl's name. When Myra got to know this story, she took her case back and took Vihaan to a good and experienced psychiatrist for treatment. She even made him complete his novel. Finally, after some time, Vihaan came out of his imaginative world and got his normal life back. His novel got published and became a bestseller.

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