The Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle

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Once upon a time, there were four friends – Mary, John, Potter and Pan. They were given an assignment by their class teacher, in which they had to choose some old monument or building and write about it. It was also required to visit that chosen place.

Teacher – My dear children, in these summer vacations, all you have to do is to make an assignment on any of the old buildings or monuments.

Students – Wow Mam, hey, alright mam.

Mary – Hey, see, our teacher has given an unusual assignment to us for the vacations.

John – Yes, we are going to rock the project.

Mary, John, Potter and Pan start chatting about the project in excitement.

The teacher gives a stern look at them.

Teacher – Students, please don’t talk. When I am standing here, you should not talk amongst yourselves.

Henry (another student of the class) – But madam, please clear one doubt. Do we need to visit that building or monument which will select for our assignment?

Cob (another student) – Hahaha! As if the monument will automatically come to your house and tell about itself,”Hey Henry, I’ am blah blah, and I was built by so and so and please Henry write about me, oh, I will give you some sweets.”

All the children laugh while Cob was busy making fun of Henry. Henry gets angry and starts fighting with Cob. The teacher looks at them, raises her eyebrow and shouts out loud.

Teacher – Children, stop this now. I said stop this fight immediately. Otherwise, I will call everybody’s parents over here. The whole class is struck with terror, as soon as the term “parents” is mentioned. All the students sit silently immediately.

Teacher – Yes dear Henry!(very politely). All of you must visit the place, and before visiting, please get the correct information about that particular location so that you don’t fall into some trouble at the time of the tour.

The bell rings as the period is over. Students start hurrying for home, while the teacher is still trying to say something, but students are busy in their chats while packing their bags hurriedly to leave for home.

Teacher – children, please make sure that you do not visit some wrong place; otherwise, you will fall into trouble.

All the kids leave. Only four friends remain in the class, who are packing their bags slowly as they are busy talking amongst themselves. Then as soon as they pack their bags, they come out of the class and continue their talks while walking towards the school gate. A light breeze blows over, which shake the leaves of the trees, a mesmerising scene then follows, where the leaves are falling, the sun is blazing, and the children walk down to their homes talking with great enthusiasm about their vacation assignment. The four friends decided to make their job excellent because they always believed in making things pleasant. Potter told that his uncle was an archaeologist and that he could help them in selecting a wonderful old monument on which they could work.

They cheerfully spoke to the archaeologist uncle over the phone. He told them there is only one ancient monument in the city where the children lived, and that was the “haunted castle.” The kids decided to go there. They did not listen properly to the uncle, who was telling them to stay alerted while visiting the castle. They were just so excited to visit the castle and prepare the unusual assignment. They did not want to let go of the chance. So the very next day all of them reached the decided place, a meeting point that was near to their homes. From there, they had to go to the castle together. They were all on their bicycles. As everybody met, they all felt happy, smiled and started for their destination “The haunted castle.” From the internet, they also got a map of the whole castle that showed all the routes inside the castle, and it also showed a secret chamber where a precious diamond was kept. The children were all the more excited after knowing that they would be getting the diamond if they reached the castle.

The Haunted Castle

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As soon as they reached near the castle, they sensed a kind of horrifying atmosphere. But still, they ignored it and moved on. There was a narrow strip of water between the land where they were standing and the haunted castle. A small bridge was provided to cross that narrow strip of water and reach to the castle. They rode on by their bicycles onto the bridge and reached the gate of the castle. As soon as they reached the castle, the gate opened by itself. Mary was a little fearful at that point. But others took it lightly. They entered the castle. Inside the gate, they parked their cycles and went inside. Again something horrifying was sensed, and this time it was closer to them. Everybody, still, in an excited state of mind, went inside.

The moment they stepped inside the castle, the gates automatically closed behind them. Now, all of them were terrified. However, John said that there was no need to be afraid, as all of them had pockets of God with them. Mary suddenly saw some strange figures and their reflections on the wall. She was shocked for a few seconds and could not utter a word. The boys started walking towards the staircase; they did not see the reflections on the wall, while Mary was dumbstruck. She put a hand on Pan, who was standing near to her, to tell him what she had seen on the opposite side of the staircase. But before she could tell this to Pan, he started moving towards the direction of stairs. Then she hurriedly followed Pan and others to the stairs, and she was so frightened that she was trying to hold Pan’s hand, while Pan was, again and again, moving her hand to keep her away from him. All of them stepped up the stairs and walked towards the room where they thought the diamond was kept.

The Haunted Castle

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But before they could step inside the room, a hand came to Potter’s shoulder. He gave a jerk to that hand, thinking it was John or Mary, who were trying to hold on him out of fear. But then he soon realised that it was someone else because both John and Mary marched ahead of him. His face perspired, and he turned his head slowly towards his right and left. Nobody was there, but he heard a voice that whispered in his right ear. He went mad at this point and got very scared. He shouted at once and called upon his friends. All the three friends came back to see him. But they could not find Potter over there. Suddenly, they could hear a laughing voice, which was coming from the room where they were heading for. They were puzzled as well as scared. Mary suggested that they should find out Potter, while Pan said they should fetch the diamond first from the secret chamber. According to the map, the secret chamber was located behind the room on the left side that was upstairs.

Before they could solve the confusion of finding Potter first or finding diamond first, they heard Potter’s screams from that room. All the three immediately rushed to that room and saw that somebody was sitting on a rocking chair in that room. At first, it seemed to them that Potter was sitting on that chair. But as they approached near that chair, they realised that an old man was sitting there. The old man turned towards the children and started telling the story of that castle and how it transformed into a haunted castle. The children got bored, though because the story was a usual one as they already used to hear, read and listen to in movies, from people and books. The same old story in which two brothers fought amongst them for the property, but one of them gets killed. The wife of the assassinated brother gives the curse to the other brother that he would never be able to see his children grow. So, one by one, his three children died, and the condition of the brother worsened each day. His finances collapsed, and he lost the ability to think.

“And now, I will keep all of you children with me here forever”, said the old man smilingly. The kids panicked after hearing this statement, and they tried to run away. But the old man said, if they would run away, then their friend Potter would be killed. The kids then were at a loss for words. They were almost on the verge of crying. Suddenly they heard Potter calls them from behind. He came running towards his friends. All the three friends hugged him tightly and asked him where he was. He told them that he was dragged by an old man to a room and locked up. But Potter found out the door on the backside, which opened into another room. Potter went through three rooms and finally, the door inaugurated in a big hall, which was the place where they had first entered into the castle.

The four friends understood that it was a mysterious place and that they should run out of the castle as soon as possible. All the four friends then rushed out of the room and down the stairs. The old man shouted from behind “if you want to be alive, stay back.” The children were so frightened that they did not turn back. Another shock was waiting for them when they came out running from the castle. Before they could get out of the big main gate of the castle, they saw the old man’s dead body lying near the gate. The children screamed with fear and ran out. They rushed from that place, riding on their bicycles and reached John’s home.

The children were frightened and were in great shock. They told everything to John’s mother, who helped them in recovering from the shock. She pacified them and dropped all the three children to their homes.

Though, they did the project on this castle but did not tell anyone other than John’s mother about what had happened there. They submitted the assignment after the vacations and were awarded the best assignment doers. The suspense is still fresh in their minds as to how that old man, was murdered. They can never forget that horrible day and the gloominess that they felt.

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