The Lady

Pradumn Chourey | 16-Aug-2016

She tied the family
in a chain.
her blessings were
like sweet showers of rain.

The Lady

She was perfect
as a mother,as a wife
she taught me lessons
throughout her life.

Love, affection was for all.
her heart was like a huge hall.
honoured past, and enjoyed present with zeal
her words,her voice I can feel.

A novel can be written
on her thoughts,on her life.
how she worked and 
managed to strive.

She resolved the fights
dissolved the pains.
she has gone
but her stakes remain.

For me, she has done
many things 
she was a goddess
not a human being

I am sad,but will 
not cry and scream
I will try my best 
to accomplish her dreams.

Her love,affection and blessings
don't have any cost.
the lady was my grandmother
whom I lost,I lost,I lost

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Pradumn Chourey
I am A writer And A Poet. I Believe That a Writer Is Someone Who Is Passionately In Love With The Language and So am I. As Robert Frost Said "I am not A Teacher But Yes I am An Awakener.