The Never Sinking Ship - Friendship

Paras Karnawat | 27-Mar-2017

Friendship. The moment you hear it, you think of your best friend. Whatever the name is, you're lucky to have, no matter one or two or the number of them you've. You're lucky.

So, today I've challenged myself to write about friendship. Something which feels beyond words. I hope I can get close.

The Never Sinking Ship - Friendship

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What do you think when you see your best friend? Mostly it would be, "What would I do without this idiot?" kind of thoughts. Have you ever thought of appreciating their presence in your life? Yeah, I know best friends don't need to know that, there's a reason they're best friends. But, they don't smile that wide when they know it. They would smile wider when they hear it. I know even you want to hear it. Even I want to. Everyone wants to. Imagine the hug you would give when your friend tells you personally that how glad are they to meet you, how much they love you, how much they need you and how much they like to tease you. Feel that? Let your friend feel it too. Your friend might cry tears of joy and hug you tight, or he/she can be left speechless, and you cannot forget their awkward face. Either way, it will be a good memory for you.

Nowadays, social media has made friendship all about tagging in memes and insulting each other. Well, I agree friendship must contain fun. Alright, now imagine if one day, memes have vanished, did you feel that the person will be same? If yes, that's the spirit. Your friendship is awesome. If not? Show them how happy you're with them. Talk to them. Friendship isn't just about tagging in memes; it is also a relation of happiness, a lot of hugs, love, respect, fun, smiles and your unique ways to show how much you love each other.

The common thing today is that people forget their friends when in a relationship. I've done that too, and I regret it. Never forget your friend because when your beloved wasn't there for you, your stupid friend was. And to stress, love is when friendship lights up due to the compassion, trust and loyalty you've. A friend was your soulmate before you were in love. So that friend should still be your soulmate along with your love. Once a soulmate, always a soulmate.

Some of you might have been betrayed too, but was it even real? No, right? I feel sorry for whatever has happened, but don't be a stone to others. Be the ice which only melts when you're warmed with trust and respect. How to know that? Ask them and see it in their eyes. You'll know. The eyes can tell you a lot about the person. If the individual is far, call them. You'll know by their voice. Just don't make yourself suffer because of the ones that betrayed you. And if you've made any mistake, don't regret it. Try to make everything better with the same person or a new one. Remember, don't make yourself suffer.

I've dedicated this to all my best friends. I've dedicated this to all the friendships on Earth. Straight to the topic, friendship is the sugar to your sweet life. Without it, life is awful. It is like the warmth of the blanket, like the smell of the soil after rain, as the massive rush of happy hormones; it is. It is like a mixture of every small thing that makes you glad to create something more beautiful than happiness. And what is more beautiful than happiness? Call, text or meet your friend and tell them their part in your life. You'll know. Indeed friendship is the never sinking ship.

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