The Olive Green

Rachana Karri | 22-Sep-2016

I'm a soldier, a warrior
An officer, a commander
Olive is my colour...
And honour is my name
Integrity and patriotism
Run through my veins

The Olive Green

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Countrymen sing my bravery
Or some may speak ill
Irrelevant, my friend, their opinions are
For I am a watchdog, a pawn
Trained to kill by profession 
And to die for a cause

My soul, I should say,
Is bound to my uniform
Which once I adorn
With valour and courage
I am reborn

And into the battle, I shall go
With a promise to return
For I shall either live
With my flag fluttering high
Or die with it 
Around me wrapped

When I am gone
Do not mourn
This I must beg
For there is no greater honour
To die with pride in my heart
And a bullet in my head

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Rachana Karri
I'm a true devotee of physiology and medicine, and biology is my religion. Animal presence is something I can't live without. Literature and art are my addictions and caffeine is the synergist.