The Re-union

Nilanjana Kar | 13-Nov-2016

“Aadhira!!! Listen!!!! We have to talk!!!” Aaryahi told me that day in the canteen.

“Sit at least!” I said

“You want anything?? Tea? Coffee? Juice?” I asked

“Aadhi this is not funny. I’m not here on a date...!!”

“What’s it?”

“I’ve gotta tell you something, really important!!”

The re-union

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I was almost sure that she’d say

“You know things have worsened between us....and...We only have to work it out...”

But she said

“Listen Aadhi , you were Devyansh’s best friend and I know if I could come near you I would come nearer to Devyansh. After all, I have always loved Devyansh from the very beginning!!!So.......!”

My head started spinning like a wheel. I dragged her all the way from the canteen to our classroom.

"Where’s Devyansh??” I asked a guy


I said through gritted teeth

“My name is Aadhira Arya. You have lost your Aadhi....Ms. Aaryahi Jain!!”

Just at that moment, Devyansh entered the room.

“Wow!!!!” I exclaimed seeing him

“The last part of the story!!”

“What’s happening here??” he asked

“What’s wrong he added??” he added

“Well, I told Aadhira everything.....!!” she managed to say between her sobs.

“Nice shot....!!” I told Dev

“Aadhira...................Aadhira!!!” Aaryahi was calling out..and then suddenly there was some kind of ringing.....concentrating I realised that it was an alarm clock. It was 4.00 in the morning and my flight was at 7.00. Rubbing my eyes I thought

“No..maannn..again the same dream”

It was still dawn when I stepped out of the cab and walked towards the entry gate of the Delhi airport. The early morning February air was pleasantly cold.

I was travelling to Bengaluru to attend o college friend’s wedding. It had been four years since we graduated from the same college. This wedding was also going to be a reunion would begin much ahead of time, right in the queue in front of the airline counter.

I was almost sure it was she. Same height! Same long hair! Same complexion! Curiosity had my eyes glued to her. And then about 60- odd seconds later, when she turned, she proved me right. My ex-girlfriend stood two places ahead of me in that queue. We had never met after the college farewell.  

I stood there rooted to the floor beneath....I wanted to pinch myself to see whether it was true. Because I could hardly believe my  eyes....I started at her in awe. I finished my work and hurriedly went after her. One thing that surprised me the most was that she didn’t even acknowledge me. But by the time I reached the waiting room. I lost her track.

Yawning I thought !!!Given a choice, I would have to be the last one to go to my college friend rather best friend's marriage. After how he had disrupted my life I surely was not eager to go. Two weeks before, my coffee mug almost suicide from my hand when I saw Devyansh Narang standing on my doorstep. While I was making a drink for us, he broke the news

“I’m getting married...” he said

I stopped to look at him and continued my work

“Wow!!!That’s great!!! So it’s going to be Aaryahi Narang from Aaryahi Jain...Right???Bravura.....I-“ he cut me short and said grimly

“Aadhi!!!!!It’s being six months since she left.

“So ???!!!who’s that unlucky girl???  I asked

Glaring at me he said

“Additi Ahuja”

“This is for you!!” he said and handed me an envelope.

I stared at it trying to guess what it could be

“C’mon on Aadhi..there is no bomb....You can open it...!!!!!” he said taking a sip from his drink.

“Tickets for Bengaluru??!!??!?!” I exclaimed in amazement

“Chill...dude...I’m not sending you to Pluto its Bengaluru...” he replied in surprise.

“But why?!?”

“You’re not going to come to my wedding??”

“Dev....I really can’t leave everything and go, moreover, I don’t have unpaid leaves..I’d have loved to go....but seriously can’t....Try to understand!” I tried to explain.

He handed me another envelope

“Now, what is this again!?!” I said in a low voice. I read and stared at him with a confused expression. It was the approval of a week’s leave fro my HOD.

“So you....when....I mean how did this happen...............?????????” I managed to say still amazed.

“Your HOD is my dad’s friend. So it was not difficult...Aadhi I know your ways of escaping??!!!We’ve been friends for 16 years, dude...So you’re coming...that’s all!!”

I could not say no because I didn’t actually have a valid reason and moreover he flew down from Bengaluru to Delhi for just inviting me. I reluctantly said yes.

“Okay !!now I have to leave ....!” he said as he took the last sip and stood up to leave. Before leaving he turned and said

“C’mon Aadhi this is going to be fun...I mean it's kind of reunion with our batchmates so cheer up....!

Within five more minutes, our flight arrived. Luckily I got the window seat. I turned to my left and saw Aaryahi sitting on the window seat on the other side. By the time the plane took off, she was already fast asleep. I smiled to myself. After all, this was how met. I turned to stare out of the window while my mind wandered 5 years back to that local bus.

“Ticket...ticket!” the bus conductor said to the girl sitting next to me

"Yes!!Yes!!Wait” she said and started searching her bag. After some seconds she managed to find a 20 rupees note

“Let me know when the bus reaches St.John College, ” she said and was back to her world again. 10 minutes more the bus conductor came to wake her. With much difficult, she groaned, took her bag and fumbled down the bus steps. I quietly walked when I was about to enter she called


I turned and asked


“You are the one sitting beside me in the bus right??”


“So you study here too???!!”


“Which year??!

“1st year1”

“Oh!!!!!Wow!!!! Same here....1”

Anyway name is Aaryahi...Aaryahi Jain! And yours???

“I’m Aadhira Arya!!!”


After some more minutes, she said


“Yeah!!!Bye!!!!” I murmured almost to myself because I already caught the sight of Dev suspiciously staring at me. And fortunately, just then the bell rang. So I didn’t give Dev, a chance to even utter a word. We were almost running to our classes. And then I saw we landed in the same class. During the recess, down in the canteen, I narrated everything that happened to the over-exited Dev. I finished my story and just then I saw Aaryahi and another guy coming towards our table. Dev almost went mad with excitement. He went on saying

 “She is coming!!Aadhi she is coming....At last, they reached

 “You mind if we sit?” she asked

Before I could say anything, Dev said

 “Of course, of course, why not...we would love to have you!!!” and pulled out a chair. Aaryahi introduced the other guy as her uncle’s son....All the while I kept quiet, listening to them and more often just staring at her beauty.

Her hair was long , black and straight. She had light blue eyes. She had simplicity and purity on her chubby face. When she smiled her deep dimples lightens her face. She had a husky voice and a high-ringing laugh. Her dress revealed the curves of her perfectly toned figure.

“Your friend, don’t seem to like your company..” Aaryahi said

“Oh!!!It's just that he takes time to make friends...!!!”

“Oh!!!!!!” Aaryahi said

Just then the bell rang

“Well, well have to leave I guess.......!” the other guy said

“Okay...then....Bye...guys!” she said and turned to leave, but before leaving she just stared at me for some seconds and then left

“What was that?” Dev asked

“Did I stare???then why are you asking me!!” I said trying to control a smile.

I just couldn’t stop smiling. That was the best day of m life. Next few days we only met at the canteen. I generally didn’t say much but listened to her energetic and never ending chatter.

Friendship had never prevailed between us. From the first, we had an undefined relationship. We never said a word but we understood each other’s emotions, feelings. Though I was never a very romantic person, but it is then that I felt. Yes!!!eyes are the best communicators. After all, most of the time we would only be staring at each other. After all, most of the time, we would only be starting pressuring me to open up about my feelings for her.

 I decided to tell her. It was 22nd February,  She came before me. I sat there, panting...

“Hi!!!!” I managed to say

Her next sentence was

“You didn’t have to think so much to say that you love. I knew it....I just wanted to see how brave you are....!” she said

I was just gaping at her in disbelieve and astonishment. I sat there shocked

“Oh!!!Yes!!!One more thing....I forgot to tell you....I love you too....!!” she added. I just kept on gaping at her with an open mouth.

C’mon least say something?? Oh!!! I guess you have nothing to say??right??” she asked.

“Okay...then I’m me once you have found our voice. At least we can speak then!!!” she said scribbling a number on a paper and pushed it to me. She took her bag and left. On her way, she kissed me and whispered in my ear

 “Goodbye...Sweetheart..I’ll be waiting for your call.

After some time I came back to my senses. I took the paper and drove straight to Dev’s house and told him everything.

That day we talked the whole night and slept at 5.00 in the morning. With each passing day over relationship became stronger.

“Please fasten your seatbelt!” the announcement brought my attention back to me flight. I turned to right, she was still sleeping soundly.....The plane landed within five more minutes...Within 20 minutes I was out from the airport seated in a cab. While in the cab, I suddenly realised that Dev’s marriage was also taking place on 22nd February. So I got her an eau de cologne perfume.

“Hi!!!!dude....” I heard Dev’s voice

“Yeah...hi!!” I replied

And once again we were back to our days...until someone called Dev

I got impatient waiting for 22nd February to arrive. In the evening I looked for a chance and I sent a message from Dev’s mobile asking her to meet me at the backyard at 8;00. I reached the backyard at 7:50 she came at 8:05 and looked around. She saw me and asked


“Actually Aaryahi....I’m the one who sent you the message!!” I revealed.

“Whaa-aa-a-aaaattt?” she asked disgustedly

“Why?!?!?!” she added

I held out the gift and said

“This is for you Aaryahi!!”

“For what??”

“22nd February ..remember..our anniversary......”

Look Aadhira....I have moved on in my life.......You also do the same!!!....Thank You....but I  can’t do this....”

“Aaryahi... Aaryahi....please...Please....listen....look I don’t still believe you were actually in love with Dev......But whatever was it ...I want to start everything afresh...Please, Aaryahi...Please...Tel me what you want...I’ll do everything ....I’ll change myself and be your Aadhi but I beg you please don’t say a no....These years I’ve tried to forget everything but nothing worked I understand why....because we were destined to meet again...don’t lose this chance...please...Aaryahi...I love you.....”

“No Aadhira, I really loved Dev and not you...please just not force me to do this....Just go.....” she said and turned to walk away

I held her hand to stop her from leaving.


“Just not do this to me Aadhira”

“Please....please...please....I’ll die....!” I said kneeling down in front of her......

“No way....I’ve moved on.....I can’t do this....!!” she said

“Aaryahi.....Aaryahi....Aaryahi!!” I kept her hand between mine and said

“Please...I can’t leave without you anymore....Give me one more chance...I’ prove myself to you.....!I promise...!!”

“No....Aadhira......I said no right??why are you forcing me....!”


“No....Just leave me alone.....I shouldn’t have come here at all!!”


“STOP.STOP....JUST STOP....!!!!” she shouted her lungs out. Her voice made everyone to come running to the background....

Aaryahi ran to Dev and hugged him tightly....She broke down in his arms. I looked sharply into Dev’s eyes who looked at me with tear-filled eyes.

“This time too you won...Dev...That’s good...In fact congratulations..well done...But you know what Dev....I’ll try till my heart stops beating and if my feelings are genuine for her I’ll definitely defeat you one day or the other and I know that day isn’t very far....” I said and turned around to leave.

“Wait! Aadhira!” she said

“Wait???and do what???watch your love story.....No thanks.....!”

“I’ve got to tell you something!!”

“, don't you promised!!” Dev said desperately

“ clear this out for once and for all!!!” Aaryahi replied firmly

“But--!!” Dev stopped short

“What have you got to tell me...again...Is there anything more to say?” I asked

“Aadhi, listen first....!”Dev said


The sentence shot me like an arrow...I could felt the shock slowly creeping into my entire body. My legs trembled... I whirled around to face them. All colour drained from my face...I felt almost senseless...This can not be true.....

“What? I tried to voice up but my try came up to a mere whisper.

“Yes!!!Aadhira...Aaryahi is no more...I’m Aashiyana Jain her twin sister!!!!” she disclosed

“ can’t be happening....this is a joke right.....this is not true..right???Please...please....this is a lie....!” I sat on the ground with a thud...literally crying....She pulled me up and hugged me tightly......

“We’d have told you...-“ she started

“You knew this Dev??” I asked in surprise.

“Yes.....But we both promised that we’d never tell you anything...So that you don’t get depressed....”

“But how???”

“Political fact this is why she left you....she never loved me Aadhi...After six months of taking the burden of lying to you...she couldn’t take it more..and she decided to tell  you the truth that she left you to keep you safe....but she got up badly beaten up by some goons...and the doctors also failed.....” Dev said


“One more time you say that see what I do....” Dev said hugging me...

Ten minutes after the rituals got over I heard the footsteps coming nearer to the terrace....

“Oh!!no!!” I groaned from the railing of the terrace....

The terrace door opened and everyone exclaimed...Dev came forward and said

“Aadhi you know she didn’t want this and that’s why she told us not to tell you...still we told you......don’t make us regret our decision Aadhi....!!

C’mon Dev!!!you have known me from know I’m a very stubborn person...I do those all things which people tell me not to do...and this is no exception....”I calmly answered...

All the while Aashiyana quietly stood at the back...

“Aashiyana...please tell him...why aren’t you saying anything....”Dev asked

As soon as all turned towards to her I saw my chance and jumped. The last words I heard from Aashiyana was

“If it can be a reunion for you....then why not him...let them reunite once again Dev...let them reunite....!!”

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