The Real Spirit of Independence Day

Shivani Sinha | 15-Aug-2016

Independence Day! The day when not our country got freedom and what is a country to be exact? A student in the primary section would understand it as a land guarded by borders all around but as a mature person, we would understand it as a united faction living in harmony.

Real Spirit of Independence Day

India, as we all know, is known as a land of diversity. Different religions and caste live together taking it upon as their motherland as independent souls. At least to the world, we have given that definition.

There must be very few people who must be accounting independence day to remember the struggle for freedom, leaders or the will to make the country proud rather than taking in it as an extra day off! But these people do exist, I do assure that!

Might be or might not be to some but the only places where we remember feeling Indian is a cricket match or in theatres while singing the national anthem.

It’s been sixty-nine years to independence and majority of the living souls do not remember that time as they weren’t even born. That doesn’t accuse you to be had born before it but you should have an idea what the real meaning of independence is! At least for this auspicious day!

As we say Independence Day, the first thing that may come to your mind is Gandhiji and his fight against the British to make us free. That’s good; you’ve learnt history but that independence wasn’t the type of independence that was like of making a prisoner free. It was the independence of free thinking and action to bring a change!

The reason we celebrate Independence Day, birthdays, anniversaries or any other important day is not because we have it marked on our calendars but to concoct a relevant and progressive feelings for it with people around us all together! Take it for any day, we celebrate it not because the earth has again landed in the same place in the orbit as that day but to gather up breaking our regular schedule and have a distinguished feel for it.

Real Spirit of Independence Day
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We may have declared ourselves free but are we really?

There is a person out there who is afraid to marry someone out of his caste because of his society; another one has stopped sharing his opinion on twitter as he thinks it might get him in trouble, one have to watch a show or a movie only which the censor body allows him to see understanding that it might not be suitable to him regardless of his opinion or someone wants to start a business but is afraid because of others or his own self’s past experiences, and there are many such examples.

We got our freedom but have lost our wisdom! We are free to go anywhere in the country but not even free to explore our own mind or to do what it wishes to be. Is that complete independence?

Real Spirit of Independence Day
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There are some undeniable factors for it but for the above examples you can’t just discard it.

Real independence means to freely live your life and making it count for not only yourself, your family, your community, your nation but as for a human being!

The spirit of independence as a textbook stuff would be to remember the sacrifices and value our values, ideals and liberty which is our right. The practical version would be to understand and really believe the above line and feel the happiness of the day and also get inspire.

As kids, we all must be crazy fans of superheroes! Yeah, why not, they are the one who saves people and people like them for that. Entering adulthood you care less about it as you know that it all goes in front of a lens but we do not realise that in past, freedom fighters did it in reality not for only a city or their relatives but for the country. Why did they do it? Not because they wanted their statues or wanted roads to be named after them but they felt the need for it and were the ones who stood up for a change!

Thinking about bringing a change and really going out and making the change is as equal as sitting on your couch and thinking of becoming an astronaut. Those freedom fighters didn’t want any shining to their names but wanted it for the name of the country. The least we could do on this day is to remember them, the feeling they had towards us and what it would have been without this event and chiefly, be happy.

We wonder why India couldn’t become like some developed country or why cannot compete with them but we often forget that it is us who they call India! If anything we want it to become like, it is ‘we’ who would have to be like it!

Real Spirit of Freedom
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