The Search for Light

Sasi Priyadharshini | 08-Sep-2016

My roads are trapped in darkness
Will you give me the key to the kingdom of light?

The Search for light

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My sun has fallen in deep sleep
Will you give me the alarm to wake him up?
My rainbows are invariably colourless
Will you give me the paints to spill over them?
My lamp refuses to glow
Will you give me the flame to ignite its wick?
My books are filled with blank pages
Will you give me the pen to write down my story?
My dreams are barren rocks
Will you give me the chisel to shape them up?
My hope has abandoned me
Will you give me the code to retrace it?
My eyes have committed treason
Will you give me the power to forgive them?
My world wants to be born again
Will you give me your eyes to admire it with me?

They have every right to see the world and you have the very duty of making it possible.
Dial 1919 to contact your nearest eye bank and Let's donate our eyes. Let's make the world worth it.

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