The Soldiers That Never Returned Home

Sejal Makwana | 04-Dec-2016

Scared and sceptic about the terror attacks, I clenched my fingers tight with the blanket. The mere thought of losing my brother who was a soldier on duty sent chills down my spine. No phone calls answered, no information passed, not a single breath of relief taken. Suddenly, came a call and my brother told me he was safe but the nation had lost 7 brave souls and his voice sounded like a hazy mixture of disappointment and anger. He hung the phone and I was evidently relieved to know the whereabouts of my brother. That night, his voice kept coming back to me. I know they had it since long and were still keeping it all together for the nation and its pride. Of course, I do believe that there is an enormous amount of pride in dying for the nation, it indeed is a thing of honour. But do our brave soldiers really deserve the death they come across with ? Do they deserve the bullets that are fired from the gun of cowards who are self-proclaimed saints and patriots and rebels ? Do our braveheart soldiers deserve the bullets that are recklessly fired by a terrorist who thinks of himself as a religious leader ?

The Soldiers That Never Returned Home

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So, hereby I am writing my heart out of what and why I feel about the attacks that not only shake the bodies of courageous army men but also the grounds of humanity.

Something I couldn't stop myself from writing.

Disclaimer: Read it only if you want to end up feeling helpless and anxious like I am feeling right now.

The Uri attack didn't surprise me, terrorist attacks don't surprise me anymore. Because, helplessness and hopelessness.

The pain our soldiers take for us and the grief their families face is way beyond what you and I can ever imagine. As a nation, we have become "used to" all this and nothing hurts me more. But the truth has always been brutal right ! What wrenches my heart is how we as citizens think we can do nothing about it which is near to true and how the government thinks that non-violence and cowardliness are synonyms. Yes, we as a nation are cowards if we continuously go through this exhausting and heartbreaking experience of letting our soldiers die while fighting against sheer cowards and still end up not taking any solid steps against those assholes. Our soldiers do not deserve to become martyrs while fighting with nobody but cowards, I repeat cowards.

In fact, No soldier deserves a death like that. You know why ? Because they sure died a hero, but in reality, they are the victims of our constant ignorance and baseless tolerance about terrorism. We, as a nation do not deserve such soldiers and nor do we deserve such courageous families that send their children to fight for the nation, for you, for me, for us. Mind you it's never easy to send your child to a place from where his returning is very unsure. Nobody knows it as much as a parent. I don't get the concept of being silent against something that strongly needs to be taken care of. I am a pro-peace and a pro non-violence person but there is nothing more wrong that constantly tolerating the wrong. When we say that we can't destroy terrorism. Well, who are you kidding ? There is nothing India cannot do, absolutely nothing.

 Again, this doesn't mean that I am against Pakistan. Not at all. Because you don't burn the whole house if mites take over a room of it. Rather, you protect the other part of the house while fighting those mites and killing them. Similarly, Pakistanis aren't the ones we need to project as enemies; it is those inhumane terror creators and their network that needs to be destroyed completely. The attack in Peshawar is no difference from the attack on 26/11 in Bombay. Neither the cries of the mothers are different and nor are the swelled eyes of the fathers. Because a death is a death no matter in which country or which part of the world it happens. Death takes away a beloved and leaves an unending void behind. Anywhere and everywhere.

 So, a war against Pakistan is like trying to justify the death of innocents by killing many more innocents. But, a war against terrorism is the need of the hour. A war that we don't have to fight as individual nations but as a combined network in which the entire world contributes. And to those governments that secretly support such horrible terrorist organisations in order to prove themselves strong or whatever, remember that you will never get mangoes if you plant cactuses in your garden. Time will take its course for sure but now it's high time that we stop leaving things on time. Rather, let's make this our aim to remove terrorism from its roots because it doesn't belong to any religion and can never be confined to one nation. It is slowly eating away the whole world.

The government of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan are two very different bodies and should not be confused. And this fight isn't about India or attacks in India, it is about the breaking points of tolerance, it is about the death of innocents, it is about those self-proclaimed religious scholars whose religion is terrorism, it is about the full stop we need to put to ignorance, it is about fighting with unity for a cause, it is about you and me and everybody, it is about humanity.

But as of now all I feel is helpless because we are all nothing but the silent spectators of this heart wrenching destruction.

I know writing an article isn't of any help unless there is something strongly done. I know I too am doing no big thing on my part. But honestly, I don't know what to do and no layman does. As of now, all I can do is hope and pray that this world no more wakes up to witness more of 9/11s or Peshawar attacks or 26/11s. I secretly wish that my post is read by someone at a powerful post who can initiate this war against terror.

Because, not peace and cowardliness can never be synonyms. Because no child deserves a Peshawar attack. Because no soldier deserves a bullet from the coward's gun. Because no religion and its people deserve shame due to some psychopaths. Because no one deserves this terror. Absolutely nobody.

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