The soul that never left

Pritha Shyam | 17-Jan-2017

Belonging to the 21st century, I was never the kind of a person who would be inclined towards believing in ghosts. But sometimes, some incidents can change even the start noon believers into believing something that is supposedly impossible. Suppose, in the midst of broad daylight right at the heart of a metropolitan city if I told you that I had seen a ghost, would you believe me? I bet not. But the same story could sound convincing to you if you heard it on a dark night in a remote village. Something like this happened to me as well when I went to an interior village of Burdwan district in order to attend a marriage ceremony and that is what I am going to narrate to you today.

The soul that never left

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It was the marriage of my friend Divyansh’s sister and his family was quite far off so we had to leave early. Before all this time, I had never seen what a village looked like, so I was pretty excited regarding the same. We got down at the Panagarh station and reached there even before the wedding had started. Since I was an eligible bachelor there, my friend was constantly trying to hook me up with anyone he found and I was so irritated by his gesture that I went to sit in a corner- and there I saw the face of a lady who will now be the epicentre of this entire narration. She was a married lady and I could swear to God that I had never seen a prettier face than that -ever. But something seemed completely off about her. She was dressed in a graceful manner- though she was 40, she looked like she had not even crossed 20- but there was something unusual about her look- she looked like all the blood had been sucked up from her face and she has gone through something devastating all her life. I asked my Divyansh to introduce me to her and all of a sudden he was reluctant about it. He said that she had a dark life and that it was better that I left her alone. But being the curious individual that I was, I decided to talk to her.

The wedding ended pretty late around 2 am, and everybody was going back to bed. The only people who were up and about in the entire home were Divyansh, me, the lady and her husband. There was one other thing that struck me about her.  In the whole evening, she did not get up from her place even from once and did not talk to any other person as well. She had this blank stare glued to her face that made me even more curious. That is the moment when I went and talked to her-

“Hi,” I said.

“Hello”, she said accompanied with a mere smile.

“I am Divyansh’s friend and I have been looking at you for the entire evening, are you ok?” I asked.

Divyansh said, “Okay my friend here wanted to introduce you to him, so here I go- she is my elder sister Amisha, and that’s her husband Gautam.”

“Whoa! Is she your sister? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”, I was completely astounded.

That is the time when Amisha and Gautam spoke up. And as they stopped narrating their experience, along with the surge of goosebumps, I knew why Divyansh had not talked about his elder sister earlier. Let me narrate you her story in her own words.

For the story that I am going to tell you, you should believe in the impossible. You might believe it and you might not do so as well, but this really happened to me. When I was about 8 years old, I had once gone to my native place Deoghar with my siblings. I and Divyansh have been close and we used to stay together. People said even when I was small, I used to look stunning and my mother took care to protect me from evil eyes. One day as I was playing hide and seek, I hid behind a tomb. At that point of time, it seemed to me that I was hiding behind a stone, but little did I know that we were playing in a Muslim crematorium. All of a sudden, I felt a gush of wind pass through me and I started shivering. Divyansh saw me and ran towards me. By the time he reached, I was already unconscious and trembling with a high fever. I was taken back home and treated well. We had a guruji in the family and he predicted that something was wrong with me.

The same night as I opened my eyes, I saw a gigantic figure at the foot of my bed asking me to go with him. I screamed out and my parents came to me- assured me that it was just a nightmare and satiated me off to sleep. This repeated for quite some days until when my father came to me in the middle of the night and hugged me tightly. He said he had seen a dream in which a black figure asked him to give me –otherwise, he would kill my entire family.

The next day we went to guruji and he uttered the most dreaded words of my entire life. He said that my beauty had attracted a Muslim JINN, and he wanted to have me at any cost. That moment onwards, I could feel his presence everywhere, I could feel someone staring at me and day by day the apparition became clearer and clearer. This went on for years to come- and then a fresh pang of fear seethed through me during the fixation of my marriage- I could hear it whispering in my ear-“I will not leave your husband- he took you away from me”. At the time of my marriage, I could feel him sitting right beside me. You could easily say that I had a mental disorder but tell me, how would you explain the accident that my husband went through in a desolate lane? He felt he was pushed by someone in front of a taxi but there was no one in plain sight. Just a few days after my marriage, this accident took place and it took away one of his limbs. I have had 6 miscarriages so far and the doctor cannot understand what is wrong with my body. I even went to Mauritius to have the last issue, but the same result repeated itself. If everything goes as per science, then why is my life going haywire?

When she stopped talking, I was completely mum. One could only hear the sound of the crickets in that lonely night- at that time, almost everything seemed possible to me. I mustered up my courage and asked at last, “Do you still feel and see him?” She gave me a sarcastic smile and answered, “Yes, every second of my life has been tied to him. If not for the Raksha Kavach that I am wearing, he would have taken me long ago. In fact, I know that the moment I will untie this from my arm, I will be gone. That entity has been a part and parcel of my existence now and I no longer feel scared of it.” Her last words sent chills down my spine as she said, “As for now, I can see him lurking right behind you with a leery grin all over its face”.

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