The Treasured Rivalry

Kaushiki Jain | 06-Mar-2017

Chapter 1- The Interview: It was already 10 A.M when Dhruvi Kannaujia reached for the interview. After so many phone calls she knocked at receptionist’s cabin.

“Excuse me!”

“Yes, ma’am! How may I help you?”

“Hmmm… it is Dhruvi  Kannaujiya had an  interview at 9:00 am.”

“Sorry ma’am, you are late. Mr Sidhhant Singhaniya left the office 5 minutes ago.”

“Ma’am” but………please”

“Hmmm….ok…let me ring him up.”

Beep…. beep……beep

“Hello sir, Dhruvi Kannaujiya is here for the interview…. ok sir.”

“So sorry ma’am you’re late.”

The Treasured Rivalry

Chapter 2- Singhania’s Wardrobe:  Singhania’s Wardrobe ruled every Vogueoholic in Dhruvi’s hometown-Delhi.Siddharth Singhania was the director of design in the company; one of the most famous fashion stores in Delhi and abroad.

Chapter 3- Dhruvi: Dhruvi was a fusion of her mother’s tantalising skin and father’s creative brain. Tall-5’6”, fair skinned, charming face, bright dark eyes, ravine hair that fell smoothly o9n her shoulders and full-length coral-pink lips mesmerised everyone for her beauty.

A bubbly chick since childhood longed to own and work in a glamorous fashion store. Dhruvi’s dad, Mr Atul Kannaujia was the owner of a very popular food chain that ran along all the directions of Delhi’s street market-‘Kanaujia’s Platter’. Mr Atul Kanaujia divorced Madhu Kannaujia(Singhania, later) when she was 2 years old. Since then she is brought up by her father, her best friend and aunt parsley-short heightened, stout,  an old lady with large spectacles that always made their way to her nose; a nun, social worker and a kind hearted person.

Post the divorce, Madhu never turned up for Dhruvi neither did her dad try to bring them close. Dhruvi, a bubbly child since a kid always craved to own and run a posh fashion store. But before any fancy could turn into reality, one fine and usual morning media channels broke in with news of Mr Atul Kannaujia, the owner of ‘The Kannaujia Platter’ of getting suddenly disappeared from his office.

Some called it a murder case while the others doubted it to be a kidnapping. Nonetheless, three years passed, Dhruvi graduated from a government owned college of fashion designing in Delhi but there was no clue of her father getting returned. Aunt Parsley was the only caretaker and well-wisher that she had in her life.

Chapter 4- The rain: Dhruvi sits in the park outside Singhania’s Wardrobe; shattered by her ‘long yearning’to be one of those from her fancy full world. With her pencil heels in her hands that had wounded her soft feet, she walks barefoot on the grass and with deep sobs stares at the sky; the sun plays hide and seeks with the dark clouds that run across the sky only to collide with each other and bring down a heavy downpour. Raindrops falling on her face accompany her tears that fall incessantly from her eyes. Stretching out her hands and facing towards the sky, says: “don’t cry, dad! I will be okay. Dhruvi is forever your warrior!

With these words, she walks on when a shiny black Audi passes by her and splashes of rain water collected in the pits slaps her face. She shouts in fury: hey! bloody moron, drive with eyes open.

The Audi stops and a tall, dark and handsome boy with black shades come out of the car. he moves towards her and is awestruck by her beauty. He offers her a napkin to wipe her face and bows down gently, “sorry ma’am”.

Dhruvi is stunned by such a gentle behaviour of a stranger.

“It's ok!”

“Where are you going? May I help you?”

“I am going to Shalimar Bagh.”

“I am going to my office via Shalimarbagh, If you don’t mind may I drop you?”

“Well, thank you but I…I.. don’t know you…”

“Well, ha ha ha…I am Siddharth Singhania…hope you know…”

“What? sir..i….i…”

“Get in the car.”

The long drive to Shalimar gave Dhruvi an opportunity to talk about her desire to work in Singhania’s Wardrobe as a creative adviser. Impressed by her passing record, Siddharth keeps her in his company.

Chapter 5- Dhruvi’s new life: Dhruvi is well settled in the company and it has been just three months that she has turned Siddharth’s favourite adviser and best friend. Everything goes as every morning when a fair handsome boy probably a new employee collides with Dhruvi.He asks her about Siddharth Singhania’s office. She leads him to her new best friend’s cabin. He is Karan Kashyap and is appointed as an assistant manager in designing and is to work with Dhruvi in the creative department. Months pass by and Dhruvi and Karan fall for each other while Singhania envies their friendship.

Chapter 6- Dhruvi’s new fashion store: Dhruvi due to her hard work has earned rewards in two years and now is the owner of Dhruvi’s fashion store which is chaired by Karan Kashyap, her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Siddharth has turned her new enemy and always has green eyes over her company.

Siddharth hatches a conspiracy to spoil Dhruvi’s image in the business world and starts threatening Dhruvi to hand over her business to him lest he should kill Karan. Dhruvi, her dad’s warrior is stubborn in her faith. She fights boldly but Karan is unfortunately killed by Siddharth.

Chapter 7- Twist in Dhruvi’s life: Devastated by Karan’s demise, Dhruvi suffers from cardiac arrest. She is taken to the hospital by aunt Parsley and undergoes treatment for a month. Although she recovers from her illness yet she is to recover from her trauma. She is taken to a psychologist who talks to her every Saturday and Wednesday.

The popular psychologist turns a source of living and a close friend to Dhruvi. She is Madhu Singhania.

Madhu once invites Dhruvi to her house for lunch and further sessions of her treatment.The time she enters Madhu’s house she is shocked to see Siddharth Singhania there. Overwhelmed with loath, she throws flower vase kept her on his head. He is injured badly on the head and faints. Madhu screams in fear and takes him to the hospital.

After he recovers, Madhu asks about Dhruvi. he tells her everything. Madhu is shocked. On Siddharth's queries, she tells him that she is his step-sister and that Mr Atul Kannaujia was her father.

Siddharth is guilty about his deeds and asks Dhruvi for forgiveness while Madhu tells Dhruvi everything about her past. Although Dhruvi never returns in Siddharth’s life she stays with Madhu Singhania, her mother, after many many years whom she had never seen. Dhruvi lodges an F.I.R against Siddharth who is arrested. Dhruvi now takes over Siddharth’s position and opens and runs a Singhania’s Wardrobe in collaboration with her own store.

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