The wind was her valentine

Sneha Verma | 10-Feb-2017

There she was standing at the gates of spring, though her eyes were soft and her face even with the contentment of the approaching season, there was something about the blush of that silken cheek and the light in those heavenly eyes that narrated a saga of patience and longing. Her silver robes flowed about her like the waves of the impatient sea; they mirrored the effervescence of the soul fluttering within. Her hair, as she stood at the edge of her expectations, danced around her flawless face and they seemed to play with the balmy sunbeams that coloured the silken locks.

The wind was her valentine

As she stood motionless like a renaissance sculpture of ivory, a single emotion escaped her molten eyes...she was waiting...It was a promise that they had made, and so in that opportune twilight, made golden by the blessed union of the sun and the moon, she awaited the marvellous hour when the Greater spirit would descend and seal their passion with the wand of eternity. This was not the first time that this moment handed down to her by the hands of time had tested her fortitude. It was like a ritual that came invincible as the messenger of their impending meet arriving exactly when the seasons changed. Yet was like a bridge that needed to be crossed.

Now, as the chill became warmer and the fog lifted, the auspicious instant was to come when the face of her beloved would be revealed once more. However, this was not a drift of time alone...a journey had to be undertaken and as she had lived through these days in her mind which could not rest...he too had begun his tryst. Standing at the edge of the seamless ocean on a moonlit midnight, cleansed by the blessed love of the ancient mother, he stood too full of prospect, but  not in stillness, because in him were the pangs of separation that had torn him apart from her and yet urged him to undertake the journey that would take him to her.

As he looked for that moment when he would finally embark upon this blessed fate, his eyes became the reflection of the unfathomable divine still awaiting the universe’s decree to commence this voyage, and thus, like the delicate form edged slightly forward with the weight of his expectation. Then in a moment, just before the new day could set its fresh foot upon the face of the earth he he travel to the moon through the transparent clouds he wove an image within him...of her as he would find her...standing at the edge rigid with expectation just like an expression of what he felt himself.

This was a significant minute as it was the darkest hour. The sun had left her and the cold taunted her again on her loneliness. But she believed because she knew, her beloved was not like the sun, the moon or the seasons, because even though she could only meet him on this threshold of spring yet, to her he was eternal, and their purity went beyond the perpetual. Anxious as she was, she did not realise his soft arrival...he had come and had come for her... As they beheld each other in that marvellous hour the charm of their union enhanced tenfold.

She had brought him the warmth of the sun, and he had brought her the blossoms of the new season which were still on its way...their inner calm of completeness had coloured the universe into the tinge of rose gold. The entire cosmos had celebrated their oneness, they were no ordinary lovers...because he was the wind and she was nature, and when they had fallen in love the breeze blew...that was the quality of their deathless love. But for them the forever did not last forever, because at the threshold of dawn as the sun rose they parted. Now, as he walked away he took with him the dew that had settled on the flowers, for it was not dew but the tears of happiness that had escaped from their molten eyes in waiting.

But as they drew apart, they knew that their love was like no other...because there was a promise...a promise to return to each other with the first embrace of the azure earth and the approaching season, and now as he held her hand in his there was a thought...a thought that assured them that every time he would miss her eternal presence, she would come to him like an autumn maple leaf drifting with him wherever he went, and whenever she would miss him he would come to her with the early morning breeze and be with her till eternity coloring her hair with the colors of the rainbow.

Yes that is how it was, even in the face of the fate ordained by the cosmos that kept them apart they had found a way... their love transcended peril, because it was for her that he blew far and wide, bringing to her the ornaments of eternal beauty, for the reason that the wind always brought new things to nature as the seasons changed, and so she never had to worry, after all, the wind was her valentine and for was always in the air.

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