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Alisha Khan | 05-Jan-2017

1. “Give me some bread!” She demanded in the first line.
“Give me some bread.” She begged in the epilogue.

2. She thought darkness was her life after he left.
Little did she knew, epilogue mentioned a second book.

3. “Everyone loves shooting stars, but why not you?”
“Because what if one of those stars is my mommy!”

4. Curious as she was, she jumped to the epilogue of his diary.
“Where is the rest of the story”? She asked her sobbing mother.

5. “These two should be together forever!” Epilogue revealed the evilness of the author.

6. “When will I find the Chandler to my Monica?” She mused. 
“Isn’t your Shrek enough?” 

7. “Who completed my homework overnight?! Do you know anything about it?”
“Nope.” Brother’s eye bags betrayed him.

8. “It's cold and you want ice-cream?”
“It's cold and I want ice-cream.”
They got served Fault in our Stars instead.

This Insane Insight

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1. She wanted a beautiful story.
He needed a satisfying ending.

2. She wanted to live together.
He wanted to die together.

3. “Silly me.” He thought as she ignored his presence.
The Diva’s standards laughed at the Nerd’s friendship.

4. He cried, she cried.
He laughed, she laughed.
For no one is always there for you but your mother.

5. “Go.” He said and she left him forever.
Synonym of getting together and breaking apart is Marriage. 


1. “I, I don’t think I can do this. I mean people are-”
“I’ll lead the dance, don’t worry Beautiful.” He laughed as his husband blushed adoringly.

2. While his parents looked for his suitable Hermione,
Harry finally found his Draco.

3. “I want to talk to your mother!” Principal demanded, annoyed.
“Um, which one?” That day the wives got the lecture for giggling.

4. “Do you even know what you are?” Laughed the crowd.
“Awesome, special, sassy, fine ass and all-in-one piece.” The transgender man winked as he strutted off with pride.

5. “This is an epidemic! It needs to be stopped!” Shouted the homophobes.
“You are right!” He said. “We can’t let it be pandemic! The coming days should be GAY and it must go BI without any such problems!” He finished, inspecting his purple nails as he went out in his tight blue jeans and rainbow jacket.

6. “You are just like other boys! The only thing you all want is a sexual pleasure!”
There was pin drop silence as her asexual boyfriend tried to control his laughter.

7. “Can you cook, please?”
“You can do that too.” She retorted.
“PANS just don’t listen to me, you know.” He fell from the sofa as the smiling sister tried to muffle his laughter.

8. “You are straight, right?”
“For the hundredth time, yes!”
“Then why do you wear make-up?”
“Again, for the hundredth time, because I want to.”
“But, why? It’s a girl’s thing.”
“Girls get boy’s haircut, wears pants and baggy shirts and likes to be a “tomboy” and to hang out with boys. Did I ever have a problem?”
“Fair enough.”

People say love is beautiful. They say love is freedom. But what they tell you is only half the truth
Love is dangerous. Love is scary. Being in love is like swimming in the high waves. Loving someone is like dancing on great heights. But to keep loving that person, when that person becomes so much important that you can't help but want them all the time, can't imagine your life without them, that's when love becomes scary. I'm scared to love someone not because I doubt they'll break my heart but because I don't have the courage to let them go. I don't have the courage to hold their hands as I feel my life slipping away and tell them to keep loving me but also move on. I don't think I can ask my lover to preserve my memories but if someone touches his heart, let her in your life and love her as much as you love me. I know it’s cruel and selfish of me but, it’s just so difficult. It's difficult to ask them to sacrifice your memories and bring fresh ones. It's so difficult to know that maybe after a few years they might forget you. They might forget the innocence of your eyes, your lopsided grin, the little freckles you have and how horribly but adoringly you laugh. It breaks my heart to even think that someone who loves every little think about me will forget even the love in my voice.

How cunning love is, isn't it? It takes you soaring in seven skies, gives you an ocean of memories, completes you and makes you an addict. But then, one day it takes it all away and in the bitterest way imaginable. It can ask you to choose between your or their life but no, love is not that kind. It gives you the choice of your love or their happiness, your past together or their future with someone else.

Love is that ocean, that forest, that mountain which is as dangerous as hell but also as enticing as heaven. It's scary, it's mysterious. No one can live without it but it kills you to love someone that deeply. No one wants to die without it but it aches, even more, to leave your love behind.

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