Thrill to Peace

Paras Karnawat | 19-Mar-2017

The Earth is full of natural beauty. There are millions of places all around the world. The most important thing is that whatever you prefer you get a place. Need adventure? Mountains. Need peace? Lake. Need thrill? River. Need an adrenaline rush? Cliff. Introverts prefer peaceful places, and extroverts search for adventures. Moreover, there are places where there is both, adventure thrill and peaceful silence. One such place is Pashan lake. It is my favourite place. It is situated in Pashan, Pune. The road to go there is also good for a riding thrill. Thanks to the sharp curves and the steep slope. It is a hilly area where we have to reach the feet of a hill by transportation.

Thrill to peace

After reaching the feet, you see many buildings around but the environment is completely contrasting to that in the city. The silence remains intact throughout the day. It is surrounded by greenery, the roads are empty. It closely resembles the road through a secluded forest. Now, there is a way to climb the steep hill to feel the beauty around the lake. The adventurous short trek passes through a dry forest. On the way up, there are many species of flora and fauna. Every being from the beautiful peacock to small snakes. While climbing the first time, I felt like it's too tough but the view up there was worth every breath while climbing. There is a path made to go up there but people can choose to climb the stony way. After the adventurous climb up there, cool breeze hits your face making you forget every pain while climbing. You see a huge area covered with grass and dried plants.

A temple surrounded by scattered forest. A small walk ahead and you see an amazing lake down the cliff. However, the lake is shallow. It has lots of small fishes in it. I spend most of my sitting on the stones around the lake, listening songs and gathering peace in my soul. When I'm with my friends, we sit there as if we're on a picnic. Each one of us brings something to eat, and we sit there for hours enjoying and having fun climbing and exploring more around the hill. One day we just sit beside the lake, the other we sit on a cliff. Some days we go inside the forest, other days we find new places. There's also a waterfall which flows only when it is the rainy season. During holidays, people come with their mountain bikes to ride down the hill. Well, I'm not a mountain biker, so it scares me to death. Moreover, precaution is better than care.

After a peaceful yet thrilling time spent up, we find new ways to go down. Sometimes running downhill, and sometimes exploring the way down. Thirsty and tired we reach the feet of the hill and sit on our bikes for a while drinking bottles of water. Spending time filled with peace, fun, adventure and liveliness, we feel fresh the next day and wait for the next trip there. I'm so happy to find such an amazing place.

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