Tips to take care of Derma during winters

Severine Rodrigues | 23-Jan-2017

We all love winter season, but this season can be troublesome for the skin. Lack of sleep, icy temperature, sugary treats and cocktails. This combination can be harmful to the skin. No matter how well we moisturise our skin, by the end of few hours, one’s skin is back to feeling dry, chipped and rough. Following are few tips to keep your skin healthy and supple.

Tips to take care of Derma during winters

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Limit the use of hot water: We all want to have a hot shower during winters, but this can harm your skin. It will draw the moisture out of your skin. The soaps we use while having bath spoils natural oils from our bodies. Hot water bath also makes skin too dry. So take always lukewarm showers and always use non-detergent based cleansers.

Cleanse your skin: Do cleanse your epidermis, but many of us rub the skin so badly as though we are washing our clothes, be gentle towards your skin. Once a day cleaning your body and your face that is more than enough. Because too much of cleansing washes away the natural oil.

Protect your skin from the sun: We all feel that in winters we do not experience sun but no!! Even in winters sun rays are harmful and cause premature ageing and it also can cause skin cancer so always apply sunscreen with higher SPF.

Care for your lips: lips are detectable body part at the mouth of human beings. They apparently express emotions like smile or pout. Use a broad spectrum lip balm, and do not forget this home remedy which I personally do.  A mix of lemon juice and honey, apply this mixture alternate days for soft and smooth lips. Another remedy is that try applying rose water and honey; it is great to soften and lighten your lips. A dab of emollient ghee on the lips and 3 drops of oil on your belly button will keep your lips from drying out. Smoking often darkens lips; quit smoking to protect your lips.

Hydrate your skin: Drink plenty of water during winters; yes there no other drink as beneficial to your skin as Water. In today’s modern world we replace water by other drink which is not a healthy habit. Water keeps your skin hydrated and gives a nice glow to your skin. If you find difficult drinking plain water, just put in some lemon slices so that your whole drinking water will be flavoured.

Humidifier: one can use a humidifier as it will add moisture to dry air and will keep you hydrated. Just place the humidifiers where you spend most of your time say for example sitting room, bedroom etc.

Healthy eating habits: In this era, we all love to have junk food and fast food which is not friendly to our skin. Have vitamin C rich food for example oranges, lemon and green leafy veggies these food maintain a protein called as collagen which can maintain the skin and other connective tissues… To avoid dryness try having antioxidant rich food which will help the body to reconstruct and heal itself. The best starting point is having fruits, vegetable juices and green tea.

Treat pimples: Eating desserts or toasting with cocktails is all right but having it too often can lead to acne. We all have a common habit of touching and picking the pimples; if you want your face devoid of scar then one should not do this activity. If the pimples are more like a volcano, the spot can be shrunk with a tiny injection of cortisone. If you have stubborn dry skin, scaling-itching skin or other rashes that concern you, do visit your dermatologist.

Escape extreme cold: cold sores, bacterial infections, deep cracks on the heels and frostbite are more likely to strike some people during this winter season and it can be so painful sometimes even we cannot open the mouth and bleeding also generates. See a doctor shortly if you develop colour changes accompanied by pain or pus in your hands or feet.

I hope you liked the above-mentioned tips, It is always said PREVENTION IS BETTER THEN CURE, So apply these tips during the winter season and feel the differences, and you will just love your skin!!!!!

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