Top 10 Best Online Christian Universities in US

Nitin Arora | 15-Feb-2017

Whether you’re working full-time, trying to raise a family or both, online universities are the way to go. Distance learning has truly taken off in the 21st century, and an online degree is just as valid as one earned on campus, according to U.S. News & World Report. However, choosing an online college is just as difficult as choosing a traditional one.

Top 10 Best Online Christian Universities in US

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Here are ten of the top Christian universities that offer degree programs online.

1. CBU Online
CBU Online is the best online Christian university you’ll find. CBU estimates that students can save up to $110,900 by earning a degree online by avoiding lost wages and extra expenses of traditional college. The college prides itself on its flexibility, with curriculums geared toward working people. They also tout the success of their graduates in obtaining a job in their chosen field.

2. Grand Canyon University
This school offers tuition discounts for online students in the College of Christian studies. GCU also has history behind it, founded in 1949 with an emphasis on applying the principles of Christ in both the learning process and subsequently in the workplace.

3. Liberty University
Liberty U is a pioneer in online distance learning, which makes it a safe bet for any student looking to earn their degree totally via the Internet. LU started down the online learning path earlier than many other schools.

4. Ohio Christian University
Although this school has a location in its name, the campus is also located online. They offer many different options for degree tracks as well as financial aid.

5. Colorado Christian University
CCU prides itself on flexibility with the option of focusing on one course at a time, as well as presenting all learning through a Christian lens. If you’re looking for a school that will allow you to go at your own pace and adhere to Christian values, CCU is a good choice.

6. Arcadia University
This school was founded in the 19th century and offers undergraduate programs that can be earned completely online. It’s affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.

7. Mount Saint Mary College
This is a college that offers a variety of degree programs, ranging from nursing to business management, with individual classes in the Humanities also offered. They also have a program where part of your degree can be completed on-site, so if you’re interested in going to campus part of the time, MSMC is a good option.

8. Southwestern Assemblies of God University
This school offers traditional degrees in a range of subjects, as well as being a Bible college seminary. Based in Texas, SAGU offers one of the most diverse lists of options for students, including B.A., M.A., and PhD degrees.

9. Graceland University
As is the case with attending almost any institution of higher education, tuition is an important aspect to consider. Graceland U is known for being one of the most inexpensive Christian schools with an annual tuition for a B.A. in Religious Studies of  $4,150.

10. Southern California Seminary
With a reasonable tuition rate, one of SCS’s strongest attributes is the fact that they offer nine different religious studies courses of study. For anyone looking for a variety with a reasonable price tag, this is a good fit.

There are many online Christian universities out there to choose from. Ensure that you’re getting the best education possible by reading reviews from former students. Distance learning is as standard today as a traditional college classroom.

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