Trade secrets of Online Business

Payal Das | 06-Oct-2016

"Unbox life" is the new tagline of one of the leading online brands, which is actually true when it comes to online shopping, the moment the order is delivered it brings a big smile on the customer’s face. From here the emotional and sentimental bonding begins with the company and thus it results in brand loyalty.

The online brands like Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Voonik, Limeroad, Hopscotch   have already carved a niche for themselves on the basis of this customer first formula.  Now the niche players are also coming up following the same formula like “Moshik’s” which is an e-commerce website that deals with handmade personalised chocolates.

Moshik Homemade Chocolate

“The whole thing is just a click away for the buyers, so basically those people who are tech friendly are your targeted customers, so do anything to woo them and get noticed in their eyes,” said  Mohit Jain the owner of Moshik.

He further added that along with online, the traditional methods of promotion should also be used. His startup’s online presence is now just two months old but “Moshik’s” journey started in 2013 with only 1.5 kg chocolates now it’s a 150Kg business. “This was not built in a day, there were so many brainstorming sessions behind it”, said Mohit. He said previously he did not have any plans of a startup but when he got married and along with his spouse Shikha Jain went to Kerala for honeymoon there the couple discovered the trend of handmade personalised chocolates, which attracted them a lot. So they decided why not to venture out in that direction. It got clicked when they came back to Bhopal they launched their outlet and now there is no looking back.

Mohit further added, “the Indian traditional retail and wholesale market have undergone tremendous change in few years, firstly it was  the departmental stores then came the mall concept which shook the entire traditional market and then entered the black horse i.e. the online shopping or the e-commerce concept which is growing day by day. Online shopping brands have revolutionised  the retail as well as the wholesale world. They have all the attributes  of retail and wholesale market as well some new plus points of its own. With merely a click you get the products delivered to your doorstep unlike the traditional retail and wholesale market. Not only this, it had opened up so many business avenues for different vendors as well models and photographers”.

Trade Secret of Online Business

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“The online brands are so successful because they have certain thumb rules which make sure that they don’t lag behind and have a lingering effect on customers” he added. He further explained which are those particular things one should take care in order to make his/her business successful in this era of online shopping.

1. Decide your target group - 
Decide  your target group if your customer is young people then the content should be very youth-oriented and the graphics, of course, plays a great role in gaining attention, so the graphic should also be peppy. The products which you are selling through your online portal it should definitely match the taste of your customer.

2. Customer centric - 
A business is there because of the Customers, not vice versa so every move which is made should be customer friendly so that you can generate your future prospects from there.

Easy policies like Cash on Delivery available for almost all the products and easy returns are the policies which customer look forward to.

Till the order is delivered checking on them is quite important. By this, the customer is sure enough that the company is in touch with them and the trust develops. This is the most crucial step.

3. Convergence of media - 
Though it’s a part of new media i.e. online media (internet) but still you have to make your presence feel in the offline world like in print, radio, electronic.

If a person reads a particular newspaper every day and if the advertisement of your online brand appears in that newspaper every day, it would surely create an impact on that person in his subconscious mind even it would have a lingering effect.

While driving, most of the people listen to the FM radio so if you target the radio channels than also you can spread your message across to your target group.

Same goes with the television. If you put up a T.V commercial of your online brand than it is said to be most impactful, as it engages two of your most important sensory organs i.e. seeing and hearing. These two combined give a positive and long lasting effect.

Use of transit media, suppose an advertisement put up in a bus or metro which is the mode of transportation of your customer is sure to catch your customer’s eyes

Visibility of your brand matters, the more your brand is visible the more it would create an impact.

Not only this sometimes mere word of mouth also proves to be a good advertisement strategy.

Putting up stalls in some popular festivals or trade fares can help create a goodwill.

Trade secret of Online Business

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4. Promote your brand - 
Promotion is drastically needed, it’s one of the most important parts of marketing strategy. Promote new offers, exclusive discounts, happy hours for the online shoppers. Run online contest and giveaways.

Use SMS gateways to generate mass messages to notify your customers about latest deals and offer of the day.

Mass mailing is often used to inform the customers about deals or promo codes for the existing customers.

Keep in touch with your customer regularly even after they bought the product from you.

5. Keep working towards the betterment - 
Always keep thinking, how can your brand do better. Right from social media marketing to SEO, each and everything must be practised regularly which is very important for your website, it increases the visibility and if your company’s name is visible in the first search result than it is considered to be a credible one.

Trade secret of Online business

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E-commerce sites have turned the table and have got a great future ahead. Right away from clothes to chocolate everything available at your doorstep.

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