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Payal Das | 25-Nov-2016

Now a day, the trend of the nail is taking up market like anything. Simple nails are passé. People flaunt their nails like anything. Styling nails with rhinestone, stickers, small plastic cute bows and so many other things can be used to decorate nail.

Perfect manicured nails are the prized possession and we often get confused about how to decorate those pretty nails and lips, so in order to get rid of this confusion, most of us seek help from salon or nail and lip art professionals. That’s why now a day’s different nail art bars are coming up and regular salons have also started to cater to this nail and lip art. But these services burn a big hole in the pocket so it’s high time to find out a pocket-friendly way to these cool and sassy look. You just need to invest some time and some cool ideas to rock any occasion.

The nail trends which is in fashion now a day’s consists of holographic nail paints, ombre, side manicured, rhinestones, nail extension and much more.

1. Holographic nail posh is a revolutionary invention in the world of cosmetics. Unlike all the traditional nail polishes which are simple pigment based. Those can only offer you colour tints but with this one can have the entire rainbow on finger tips. Holographic effect nail polishes are created by using a pigment called “Spectra flair” which is till date very much renowned in the automotive industry.
While at home only you can get amazing holographic nails for that you require “Spectra flair” powder say about 2-4 gms add that to your favourite shades and voila there you go with your own DIY Holographic nail polish. It can even be done the other way round also like mixing it with your clear Polish to keep it ready for all time whenever you apply any of your favourite shades to give it a great finish just apply a coat of the holographic clear mixture.

Trending Nail Art

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2. One of the nails designs is Ombre Nails which are done by applying two or three colours.

First a apply a base coat to your nails than choose two best contrasting colours and use a sponge to apply one colour than after drying apply the other colour in same way as that of the first colour than wipe of the extra colours around cuticles using a corrector pen or dab a swab in remover and use it and then apply the top coat. Repeat this process to for all other nails.

Ombre Nails

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3. Rhinestone effect.
For the Rhinestone effect first apply a base coat then apply a nail polish of your choice while they are wet very carefully place rhinestones with the help of tweezers around cuticles in semi-circular pattern or in any of your favourite patterns like that of a bow or a star or flower or a simple curved line like a smile line. These rhinestones come in different sizes and colours. You can use it decorate your fingernails as well as toenails.

Rhinestone Effect

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4. Stickers 
After applying your favourite shade you can simply apply stickers to transform everyday boring nail paints to a trendy nail art which won’t even much time. When you are in hurry and want to make a statement then go for this. Different stickers are available nowadays like flowers or cartoons or 3D effect or embossed one.

Stickers Nail Art

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5. Caviar Nails 
This caviar nails can be very easily achieved by colouring your nails with the colour of your choice on that put some caviar beads of almost same shade and press it on your painted nails your nail paint is wet brush off the excess beads and then apply the top coat. Make sure you spread a newspaper on the surface where you are about to do the nail art. To put those beads on nail paint dip your fingernail paint facing downwards in the tub of caviar.

6. Festive art for holiday season
Paint your nails with nude shade and then make a snowflake pattern using a toothpick especially for holiday season or colour your nail using red nail paint and then use golden colour nail paint to create a free hand half moon (half-moon mani) at the cuticle using a strip brush and along with tip create a curved line and there you go to embrace the charm of the holiday season.

Festive art for holiday season nails

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7. Side French Manicure
These classy nails can be achieved in very simple steps. Once you colour your nails with any light shade than use black or any other colour of your choice sideways on your painted nails, let it dry and there you go flaunting your side French Manicure.

Side French Manicure Nail Art

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8. Newspaper Print
For this cool nail art, you would require small pieces of newspapers with newsprints on it, the size of those papers would be little bigger than that of your nails. You colour your nails with white colour, let it dry completely and then soak it in water along with the pieces of newspaper then take out the piece and press it hard on the finger keep it at least for 20 seconds then wipe off the excess water with soft towel and apply a clear polish or top coat on it. Do it carefully one by one so as to avoid the mess. If it's messed up then don’t worry keep your nail polish corrector pen handy.

Newspaper print Nail Art

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9. Chalkboard Nail Art
This is quite simple you would need a nail paint of your choice and a matt top coat which is easily available in the market .After your nail paint is completely dry put a single coat of the matte finish transparent polish to it and let it dry then flaunt your nails as it is or add some funky pattern like tic tack toe or anything of your preference.

Winter is a season of festivities, joy and colours. The year is about to wind up and only two festivities are around the corner i.e. Christmas and New year’s eve. so don’t be dishearten keep the spirit up and get the chic look by trying some new nail arts and of course don’t forget your colourful woolens, you can even match your nail paints with them and have fun, with this I am wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a very happy new year.

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