Troubled Generation

Charu Madan | 11-Feb-2017

The internet has become so much penetrated in our lives that it induces us with the opinions that aren't even ours but people yet believe them. We see it we believe it and instantly relate to it, not even giving it a second thought. It is full of the ideas of freedom, liberty and living life on our own terms etc. But no one really cares to sit and think what these words actually mean. Like for instance, I came across a blog some time ago where a woman had stated why she will never have kids in her life instead travel around the whole world because she found having kids is certainly not empowering instead a boundation.

Troubled Generation

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Well, of course, we don't have any right to question over other people’s life choices but isn't it unfair to compare two things that are completely different in nature? It is unfair to compare the experience of travel with the experience of having kids or even marriage. One can enjoy each and every moment of one’s life if they stop comparing them. Our generation is getting so much obsessed with me, myself and I attitude that we don’t seem to care about what true meaning of a human need and want is. Living in denial of human emotions is merely an ignorance. We do have the right to chose what we want to extract from our lives, but yet again we don’t have any right to shame someone else’s expectation too. Love, live,travel,educate,teach,inspire,empathise and nurture.

Enjoy your bachelorhood to the fullest but do not shame a married life or parenthood for making yourself feel better. Love yourself at every age. Don't run away. Face and grow. This is what freedom stands for. Accepting difference is truly liberating.

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