True Happiness

Naman Tandon | 07-Jan-2017

There are small things that we miss in life and try to catch the stars. There is a lot of happiness found in little things we do for others and what all good we receive from others. Usually, we ignore those efforts and instead, jump on to the bigger things which give temporary happiness. Sometimes we do not realise the significance of meeting our own relatives when they are in front of us. When we are away from them, we realise this mistake and regret at least once that in this small lifetime, why didn’t we spend some time with those people who love us.

It is one’s ego that does not let people come close to each other. This ego takes various forms of excuses, excuses become habits which have no ground. Another thing that keeps us away from the true happiness is the habit of looking for other’s faults all the time. this habit is developed when we ignore by someone continuously or when we do not like that other person is appreciated for something. This habit is cultivated right from such moments and to add fire to the fuel, some postman kind of relatives helps the negativity to achieve its target by fixing the roots of jealousy in our hearts. They constantly utter such words that excite and provoke us to cut off from those people are good by heart and get an appreciation for whatever they do.

This is called as “being carried away by the 8 winds – prosperity, decline, disgrace, honour, praise, censure, suffering and pleasure.”(Nichiren Daishonin) According to this principle, a person who gets swayed away by all these entities as mentioned above is the one who loses much in life. While the one who does not get affected by any of these influences, I protected positively by the Gods.  It is the strength of the person that determines whether he/she would get a happy life. The more that person depends on such measures would get happiness for a brief period. Whereas the one who does not bend to these influences will remain happy throughout all circumstances and will set an example for the world.

True Happiness

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The above idea of 8 winds has been mentioned here to emphasise on the issue finding true happiness under all kinds of conditions. Getting affected by any of the influences as has been mentioned; means the person does not have control over him or herself and can easily slip into the world of darkness. Rays of hope and happiness will reach to the person’s heart when that person recognises that there is the unlimited scope of happiness when he looks beyond the 8 influences.

In simple words, if somebody has immense prosperity in the family and workplace, then haughtiness would not bring in more harmony. Rather it would lead to the failure of all the prosperity that one has accumulated through the good fortune. If somebody confronts the decline in life, in any area or even in all the aspects of life, then getting depressed over it and leaving everything the way it has been, would not help him or her. Rather, it would create trouble for that fellow. Not taking action at the right time and losing heart would not help the person. The feeling of succumbing to defeat and not trying to pull oneself when once fallen down leads to unhappiness. This is very natural. All the readers would agree with this point.

Similarly, all the other conditions follow the footsteps of prosperity and decline. The sister influences of decline are –disgrace, censure, and suffering. On the other hand, the honour, praise, and pleasure are the factors for prosperity. If these are inhaled by a person without exhaling out the ego, pride, and other limitations, then the happiness received would not remain for a long time.

To apply such high ideals in daily life is not very difficult. It is always the efforts and the heart that counts. Very simple steps can be taken up, which are in fact very necessary, but overlooked by people many times due to their “ego” or due to their “taken for granted attitude.” One of the easiest steps to be taken is to respect people. It is easier said than done. If anybody comes in your contact for whatever reason, one must respect the other person. Disrespecting him or her in any way would ultimately bring misfortune for you. Your attitude towards the people shows whether you respect them or not. Keep a check on yourself, on your attitude towards everything that would be a better measurement of your behaviour.

Your behaviour shows it all – the way you meet and greet people, the way you depart from a place, the way you convey your feelings and all these activities depend on your thoughts. So concentrate on first cleansing the thoughts. The thoughts need to be pure and free from the pollution of jealousy, hatred, egoism and greed. Then only the expressions of togetherness will come when you meet anyone.

Other things that matter here are not keeping the attitude of complaining and begrudging in your heart. Complaining to anybody erases the fortune that you must have earned through your efforts. If you don’t like a person who wishes to meet you, then at least greet the person and behave properly. Try to understand that person and think that this is the one who has concern for you, or she/she wants some help from you. Help him or her, listen to that person and imagine a situation when you are neglected by others. Slowly, you will start realising how bad one feels after getting neglected or rejected by others. So, the feeling must give birth to the determination that whatever bad people do to you, you should make sure that you do not behave this way with anybody else. It would hurt others as it has hurt you. How you, being human can hurt others when you yourself do not want to get hurt.

Think in the right terms, work for wonderful solutions in life, create happiness for others and not troubles, take small steps every day to improve your life by improving your behaviour, through a cleansing of your thoughts and bring respite to the fortune ridden ground of your life. True happiness lies in respecting people, making efforts towards creating good causes and keeping the strong faith in bad times. All these conditions demand great courage. Those who have it, show complete happiness despite going through difficult times. They know what true happiness means.

Find out such people around you and enjoy their company. 


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