Useful Hidden Features of Facebook You should Know

Monojit Dutta | 08-Oct-2016

Facebook is the most used social media site in the world. You use it as long as we are awake. It would always be there in the background no matter what we are doing. It is quite strange to notice that most of us are unaware of the full potential of Facebook. We are now going to look at the wonderful feature Facebook has to offer and yet Facebook developers and marketers never promote this features and services ever due to some unknown reason. They are happy that people are using Facebook and they don’t want to complicate it for the common masses. These are advanced features and they can be real fun. So here we go.

Useful Hidden Features Of Facebook You Should Know

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How can you access Facebook Chat on your desktop?

Often, I came across this problem while working on my projects. Our mind is always on Facebook and we are so eager to see who has messaged us and it is really difficult to move from your software to browser and check messages. Whereas, a desktop standalone application would help to chat and check the messages easily and effortlessly. Facebook provides the scope to integrate a third party application for achieving the purpose. Digsby is an application for your desktop that not only allows Facebook but also allows your email accounts and instant messaging apps. You should definitely give it a try and take your social networking experience to a new level for your own convenience.

Useful Hidden Features Of Facebook You Should Know

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How can you download anybody’s Facebook Album?

Did you know that Facebook allows you to download your or someone else’s Photo album at once? I am sure a lot of you must be wanting that for a long time and it is ridiculous to sit and download individual photos one by one and then arrange them. There is a third party extension for chrome named PhotoLive which lets you do that with a single click. Once the installation is done, whenever you will visit an album on Facebook, you will get to see a Download Album button on the top. Now stalking will reach another level!

Useful Hidden Features Of Facebook You Should Know

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How can schedule Facebook Messages?

Yes, it is possible just like you can schedule your posts on the Facebook page. It is very useful while sending birthday messages and any event messages at the correct time even when you are not online. The application which makes this happen is named Sendible. It is free for 30 days and if you really need it, you can subscribe it for a few bucks and it has a lot of useful features. It is especially very useful for companies to send personal messages to customers at the right time to give them the impression that they care about them at a personal level.

How can you remove advertisements from Facebook Timeline?

Facebook is ever-changing and the worst changing from a user’s perspective is the inclusion of ad segment here and there and pretty much everywhere. It is slowly becoming irritating to see so many ads among the good posts of your friends. The worst thing is you keep on see the same ads time and again which is not relevant to you by any means. Here is how you can get rid of them at least partially. FB Purity is very popular among FB users now because it removes literally every Facebook ad segments much to the disliking of Mark Zuckerberg. Another even more popular application is Adblock Plus which has pissed Facebook so much that they are trying to form new ad segments that can surpass Adblock Plus comfortably though they have failed so far!

How can you turn of the Autoplay feature of  Facebook Videos?

These days, Facebook timelines are full of videos of all sorts. Whenever you scroll through them they start playing automatically. It is truly irritating and some of the videos are not up to the mark. They are just holy shit that is enough to turn your good mood into bad and are pure noise. So save your data and turn off auto play feature of Facebook video by going to Setting and then to videos tab and you will find Auto-Play videos is set to default. Turn that off immediately.  Now, take control of the steering.

Consider this a parting gift from my side, you can create an awesome collage consisting of your photos that you have on Facebook or you can upload and create. Try this Facebook app for that. This true is awesome!                           

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