Virtual Love

Saurabh Kumar | 25-Mar-2017

"Cheeks Pink Ho Rahe Hai Bhai Ke" One of his friends smirked as he was busy in typing a reply to the text which gave his friends a chance to pull his legs. Technology has done the wonders to the evolution of humanity. Well, I am in no mood to elaborate this. It is just that in this era of WhatsApp and Facebook people have become a bit more expressive because you don't hesitate over text rather how you do over the phone or in person. Or making it more precise it gives you freedom to be more expressive. You'll not get judged for your accent and style of speaking. Apart from this bright side, it has some dark sides too, and many Pundits have already bragged enough about it. So, you'll get to know about it anyway. I'll be wasting time if I go on writing about that. 

Virtual Love

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Those exchanges of texts made him smile continuously, and it takes someone special to do that. His cheeks pains with smile everytime the messages reads her name. These are the signs where you know you're screwed because you can't get rid of saying "Kuch Nahi" everytime people ask you why are you blushing? Your mobile sings romantic tracks along with you. Your mother starts doubting your smiles. And you know the evilest thing you start dancing even if you don't know what does 'D' stands for in 'DANCE.' You may term it as 'Love', but I'll say you're screwing yourself. I mean how can you smile when people say you "Pagal" for no reason? I would rather hit them with a stone and prove them right. 

"I need a hug", text read from the most familiar name his heart knows. And, I kid you not, the word "hug" between two-star sign did more wonder than actual hug could. 

The beauty of heart lies in its purity and truth it holds. It will tell you what it feels without adding spice unlike your neighbourhood aunties when they see you with your friend of opposite gender. And that may be one of the reasons why we get the advice of "Apni Dil Ki Suno" in crunch situations.

His lips tempted when the text showed kiss emoticons and it ignited the romantic side of him. He detailed much he craves for her. His lips are waiting for the touch of her lips to quench their thirst, and the soul wants to hug her to make her stay all life long in his life. Emotions are a way to express what words can't say, and that's how he wants to tell her that how she makes him feel happy about his existence.

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