Pradumn Chourey | 05-Sep-2016

Want to know your profile?
behaviour or the style.
Take a breath and wait a while
and check out your mobile.

Wallpaper by Pradumn Chourey

Source - www.planwallpaper.com

At first glance what do you see?
a flower, a fountain or a sea.
a house, a hut or skyscraper.
it's all about your wallpapers. 

Can be a night, can be a day
all about you, what your wallpaper say.
Can be simple, can be strange
with the thoughts they get changed.

Can be faded, can be bright
shows your dreams and your sight.
when they are in funky ways
they describe your teenage days.

When there are Poems and Rhymes
It suggests your hardship times.
sometimes zoomed, sometimes cropped
But the journey never stops.

Soon with you, a new person arrives
its the beginning of a married life.
life gets filled with some new shades
from blue and green to pink and red.

Then it shows some baby pics
collage, posters or single clicks.
as new comes old gets burned
this is the truth and nothing absurd.

the world around you is huge and wide
your secrets, you can't hide.
walk carefully on your way
Because all about you, your wallpaper say.

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Pradumn Chourey
I am A writer And A Poet. I Believe That a Writer Is Someone Who Is Passionately In Love With The Language and So am I. As Robert Frost Said "I am not A Teacher But Yes I am An Awakener.