What Alternatives To Mops Exist For Mopping?

Nitin Arora | 21-Mar-2017

The standard mop and bucket exists in every home and business and is something we likely think can’t be built upon or replaced. Stop The Mop says that the traditional method wasn’t the best way to clean floors as it involved reusing dirty and contaminated water. It also took a long time and increased the risk of back pain from constant bending over and carrying heavy buckets of water. Getting down on your hands and knees to scrub the floors may help to clean up stains that are hard to clean, but it is also incredibly time-consuming and bad for the back and knees.

What Alternatives To Mops Exist For Mopping?

The truth is that just as the Roomba has been taking over from the vacuum cleaner, alternatives to mops have been developed to make cleaning both quicker and more hygienic. The intention is to cut down on the amount of time we spend cleaning so that we can focus on more important things while still having a fully clean and sanitised floor. These are just a few of the best ones:

1. Spin Mops
As the name suggests, this is a mop head that rotates in order to pick up more dust and dirt with its microfiber material. You can find where to buy a spin mop online and it makes for a good investment that will last for a much longer time than a standard mop. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Ultra-absorbent microfiber heads
  2. Mop head won’t fray
  3. No streaks or smears left behind
  4. Won’t scratch hard surfaces
  5. Can be used on all hard surfaces including wood, marble, and slate
  6. Adjustable head can fit into narrow spots
  7. Lightweight and easy to carry

2. Microfiber Mops
Most new mops today use microfiber materials as they are much more efficient than older mops. The majority of people find it best to spread their water or cleaning solution onto the floor, wait for a few minutes, then clean up the liquid and residue with the mop. It is also quick and easy to clean up spills and messes this way. Woman’s Day says that they make for good budget mops as the head can be removed and cleaned rather than disposed of every time, cutting out the need to constantly buy new ones. A pack of microfiber cloths similarly save money and can be used for surfaces and difficult spots that a mop can’t reach.

3. Dish Sponges
You won’t want to clean your entire floor this way, especially if you have a large home as this will take forever. But Thekitchn.com says that it is still a useful method for spotting stains you might have missed or reaching difficult places such as underneath cabinets that even mop heads can’t reach, and hence build up a lot of dirt over time. Use your mop for the main job and a dish sponge for the difficult areas only.

If your old mop and bucket has been taking too long or hasn’t been getting your floors clean enough for your liking, there are always alternatives on the market that can improve the job for you. Invest in a good mop head and other cleaning equipment to see how much time and money they can save you in the long run.

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