What is your new year resolution?

Saurabh Kumar | 18-Jan-2017

It's already half way January and I still don't know if I have done even a bit of what I have planned to do as 'the new year, a new beginning.'

Little did I know, I won't be able to do so and maybe this is the reason why I didn’t have any resolution since the last couple of New Years? I'll fail to keep resolution has become inevitable than death. Damn.

Why do we take resolution? I have a lot to talk, share and discuss this.

Since childhood, all I can recollect about 1st January is delicious foods, meeting relatives and my parents advising me to do something positive, so that I can adopt some good practices for the year. And I used to believe that this actually works, as I ended up doing every day what all I did on the first day. Like, as a child you don't pledge of preventing heartbreaks or being loyal to someone, right? All you do is, making general promises to yourself, like, I'll take a bath every day and that way my parents tend me to do stuff that I hesitated to do. Genius.

What is your new year resolution?

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'Innocence is the divine that you attain only when you maintain a safe distance from cruel devils. From cruel I don’t mean literally cruel, I mean to address the people who are "mentally ill', stuffs someone who will make stuff deliberately even after knowing that it may hurt you, and that's the only reason why we adore childhood once we grow up."

Time and age are something we can not overpower just like you cannot control yourself getting furious for the nonsense gossips of neighbouring aunties, read the word 'neighbouring' again, there is a reason why it contains 'boring'.

So, Teenage was waiting to embrace me, I shifted to a hostel, and there I got introduced to the word 'resolution' - a sort of oath, you promise to yourself that you would follow, for your betterment. Most of my friends used to maintain a diary where they used to write their New Year resolution and tried to keep it as long as they can. Days passed, the enthusiasm, the excitement, the will power faded away so as the promise of keeping a resolution. I am still searching for the one who kept his resolution throughout the year.

There are many reasons why it fails, I can talk about it a bit later, before that let me appreciate those who kept it even for a month or a week or a day, because, the fact that they think about their betterment is worth appreciating. Well done buds. Because there is always a room for improvement and we should go for it like your teacher go for a reason to deduct your marks and god rescue you if he hates you.  

Now let's get back to the topic why do we fail to keep up our resolution? I'll tell you about this guy who promised himself that he will study each day until exams get over and will secure a good percentage, just what most of us will do when our boards are near. But before he could even start, his crush replied to his text and what happened next is not a mystery to solve, the time allotted for studies got replaced with seeking for the ideas to impress her crush because we all know Valentine is the best day to confess to your love. Later he wrote a letter to HRD minister that Valentine week should be banned and declared illegal for the board students when he found his butt red after the declaration of board results.

So we fail to keep what we resolute because of one reason or another. But what bothers me most is when we know we are going to fail anyway, why do we even take a resolution?

Well, on another thought, I have thought of making it simpler, less stereotyped. It should not be all about promising to do something on first of January and hoping it to be done for the rest year but the day we think we are capable of keeping it, it should not be only about thinking of self-betterment but also for others, it should not be about following the trend but doing it because we want to do so. It should come straight for your heart, working on self-betterment won't hurt you.

So next time you have a resolution try to live it every day, just the way you visit your crush’s profile without missing it a single day. Resolutions are more of a quitting the idea what we feel that is degrading us, leading us to downfall. If someone shares their resolution to you, try to be part of it like your relative tries to be a part of your family on your result day. Make yourself better and that's how you can contribute to making society better because you can't make others better until you yourself has not turned into a better person. Always remember nobody listens to a poor philosopher.

Wrapping it up with a note that "Next time when you take a resolution, make sure it is high definition, where everything is crystal clear where you can see your favorite actors and actresses along with fantasies, not 3GP where you know there is something but it seems as blurry as an Engineers' hope for getting a Job"

Live happily. Make your life better. Spread happiness. This world will become a beautiful place to live in.

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