Why commenting is important for your Blog?

Preet Sandhu | 31-Aug-2016

Commenting can make your blog more dynamic. The factors which can drive traffic to your blog have the commenting option on top. You can comment on others blog and let others comment on your blog. These comments make your blog noticeable to the search engine. So commenting is a productive way to learn from different readers. Commenting can also create a bond between you and readers. Following are some convincing facts about the importance of commenting.

Commenting on your Blog
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1. Backlinks
Commenting on your blog creates backlinks to your own blog. If you are a beginner and have trouble in getting traffic on your blog, you must start commenting today. The search engine can locate your blog easily if you have backlinks. To create a professional reputation in the search engine you must comment on your own post.  Commenting as the backlinks can give you all the organic traffic you want. This is the most important thing to do for the new blog. Commenting can help new blogs to be popular.

2. To catch the Traffic
When you comment on the relevant post and provide links to your post, readers will automatically read your content one by one. This strategy can engage your audience on your blog with different posts. If you comment first, there are more chances of getting more traffic. The first commentator always catches the attention. You must make quality comments rather than childish comments like ‘’ awesome’’ and ‘’thank you so much’’.

3. Connections
When you comment on others blog, you develop a relation between you and them. Consistently commenting on someone’s blog make them remember your blog name. They will also know you as the blogger having knowledge in the niche same as their blog. Whenever they want any help with the niche they may contact you. You may also get business partnership opportunities with these connections. Other readers and commentators will also get used to see your blog name in comment box which can create a good image for your blog. They may prefer your blog in future when they want information regarding your niche.

4. Search engine optimisation
Commenting creates backlinks for your blog. When readers consistently click on these backlinks, search engine notices the traffic on your blog through these backlinks. The search engine ca then recognise your blog with some reputation. Commenting on the others blog with useful content can also raise the quality of your blog. You must comment using keywords for the relevant content. You can also get the help of top commentator tools. Commenting helps you to make your blog optimises with respect to the search engine. Again one thing to keep in mind while commenting, you have to comment with relevant, informative and quality comments. 

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These are the important factors of commenting advantage. To get the traffic on your blog in few days commenting can help you. This strategy works best for new blogger who want to generate readers. Comment on blogs having same niche and same target audience this will help you to reach the intended audience having an interest in your content.

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