Why does your soul need a makeover?

Saurabh Kumar | 12-Dec-2016

I have been thinking of writing this since the day I got mail but always put it off for tomorrow or some other day just like my study plans. Maybe I was looking for the day I'll find myself motivated enough to write something motivational or influencing but then I realised it's hard to motivate others when your life sucks already. So, I thought of getting my foot in the door even though it will take too long to finish with some motivation, and it is the only motivation why I am writing this. 

Whenever I hear someone is ruining him/herself because of heartbreaks or break up, it kills me a little. Because nothing kills us more than killing our dreams. As a youngster I know it feels like you have been burned, you think your World has been over, you're done and what not, those betrayal and suicidal thoughts. You feel like someone has forced you to live. Damn. Life seems like punishment. And I totally agree with you. At the same time when I keep myself in the place of your parents, I feel for them. Have you ever thought what if they had given up on the time when they were struggling? You and your family would have to struggle for bread and butter. They didn't give up because they love you. They are who you take as an inspiration when you are all down, and I think you're smart enough to know the answer why?

Why does your soul need a makeover

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It feels good to hear a motivational story, doesn't it? Most of the times they successfully manage to pump your blood with motivation but, for how many days? 

Do you want me to answer this? Dumbass, Ask yourself! Nobody can answer that better than you.

You know where does problem start? It is when you throw in the towel and start something that broke you once using as an excuse. Come on, at least don't lie to yourself. You know you have been escaping from responsibility. You could have done better, but you were too lazy to do that. You got me, right?

There is one thing you should make a note that, "Nobody become successful out of the blue". It takes effort, courage and patience and the word that worth mention here is 'belief'. Once you start believing in your self, you will start getting outcomes. Just make sure you know that difference between confidence and over-confidence. That thin line between confidence and over-confidence make the whole difference. And it's like knowing the difference between your and you're. Exactly, just don't get a hike.

You might be laughing and thinking 'it is easier said than done'. And if you're done with your laughter, I have a question for you - "If you can give your ex a chance then why don't you give yourself a chance?" Well, next time when you spend extra time in the bathroom make sure you are asking yourself this question. I have heard that bathroom are the best to place to make life changing decisions.

It is not that all of us has been betrayed by our feelings, someone we love or you know those emotional hangovers which completely ruin your senses. Some of us are a victim of our parent expectations. It will be fair enough to say that most of the time it's communication gap that creates all the difference. Most of us fear to speak about our passion, feelings to our parents because we don't know how they will react and those who manage to say rarely get a positive response. We fail to express ourselves in front of our parents. Irony. If anyone who has a child is reading this, I am telling you it breaks their heart. All they need is your support if they get your back they can do everything. They can do wonders. You want them to be famous, earn name and fame but you forgot they are too weak to bear that load, they need you to stand with them as support. I know you love them, but you need to make sure that they feel it when they are at their worst when they lose their belief. It will work as what their smile and happiness work as to you.

Imagine yourself as a billionaire is itself a pie in the sky, isn't it? Just close your eyes for a moment and think an angel has granted your wish of.

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