Why Girlfriends Love to Flirt with other Guys

Rumana Parveen | 07-Oct-2016

As annoying as it can be for boyfriends, most of the girlfriends in the world love to flirt with other guys whenever they get a chance to. Some girlfriends call it freedom and while others consider it a normal and same as casual talk. But the psychologists say that there are some definite reasons why girls generally do so irrespective of being in a healthy relationship. Even though some girls do try to resist it to be loyal in any relationship, but flirting is like greed, you cannot resist it for too long. Once the girlfriends become successful in hiding their flirting sessions with other guys or strangers from their boyfriends, thereafter, there is no stopping them. They would give out all the signs and body languages to lure a guy to flirt with them and they will give equal implications in reply and enjoy it thoroughly. Here is why?

Why Girlfriends Love to Flirt with other Guys

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1. She is in crazy love with flirting. She enjoys it more than being in love. She is even ready to jeopardise her current relationship for it. Flirting is considered to be one of the most interesting exercises for mind and heart. While guys love it, girls just enjoy it. Girls only like to be in a light relationship with someone so that she is entitled to do everything she wants with other guys. Being in a deep relationship will force her conscience not to do so.

2. Some girls consider this a healthy exercise to get rid of the boredom and repetitiveness that come up being in a long relationship. She cannot flirt with her boyfriend because they have been through it all and it would be boring. So they need strangers to do it. Some girls tell their boyfriends that they can flirt with other girls and still can stay loyal in their own relationship because she herself wants to do the same.

3. With the advent of social media network, flirting with other guys for girlfriends has become an easy and undetectable event. Chat with other guys in private messages and then take flirting to the next level. Who does not want to be naughty at times? As the popular saying goes that you should always take care of your thoughts and actions when you are alone because that is exactly what defines you and reveals who you really are. But these days, being alone is an opportunity to open the chambers of secrets and do whatever you want to!

4. Some girls are a just seeker of attention. They feel that being in a relationship, their spotlight has been stolen by those who are single and flirting with handsome guys. That is why to stay relevant in a group, they start flirting with other guys and become a topic of conversation among boys.

5. Some girlfriends want to make their would-be boyfriend or already boyfriends to feel a little jealous as they consider it good for themselves. They want their boyfriends to pay more attention to them and at times it is a revenge weapon that they use when they find their boyfriends talking to many hot girls. Revenge is a good weapon to equalise possessiveness.

6. Yes, it is true that flirting with others is a sign of upcoming breakup. She is too tired of you and your company. She is seeking outside companion to satisfy her desire. She is indirectly telling you to break up with her especially if you did not have a good conversation recently. So boyfriends must make an effort to keep flirting with their girlfriends even if that looks so dumb! With girls around, you have to do foolish things which mean nothing to you personally.

Well, it is not that only girls love to do it, even boyfriends do the same and that is why they are always active to catch their girlfriends in a flirt mode with other boys. Once they do that, they would seek the permission to do the same with other girls. This is one of the main reasons for the failure of relationship in modern times. A couple is becoming more interested in doing things with strangers and once they get started, a possible breakup is on the cards. So, be loyal to your relationship and keep your partners in check.

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