Why I Am A Proud Biotechnologist - A Rare Revolution

India today is among the fastest growing economies in the world with an annual GDP of more than 7% estimated for the next few years. The credit of all these goes to the skilled workforce which is constantly working towards delivering the best in each work they perform. Transforming India is witnessing the best time for the creative heads to create and innovate. They have much more freedom to think differently as society is slowly opening up to an idea which may have been rejected a few years back.

Why I Am A Proud Biotechnologist - A Rare Revolution

India also among the countries which witness the biggest percentage of brain drain in the form of top talents leaving the country and moving to the developed countries of Europe and America for better career opportunities. Even some of the top businessmen shifted to these countries due to redundant policies in the country hindering the overall business setup.

However, now with some good policies from the government has brought many people back to the country that is now planning to serve the nation and contribute to its development.

Biotechnology is one field which is fast shaping up the growth of the economy and determining the future. Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field which combines both living and technology together aiming to achieve the betterment of mankind.

I am a hemophiliac. My curiosity to know more about my disease and find the possible cure for it brought me into biotechnology. I still thank God, for that day when I was told to opt for biotechnology by a counselor on telephone as I wanted to be researcher. I asked her should I go for medical or there is some other option available. She told me if I opt for medical line then I would require completing MBBS, PG and then super specialization which will take approximately 10 years if I continuously study. Now I know even the MBBS can do research but at that time in 2004 probably that was the near to the best suggestion I could get. Thanks to biotechnology I now know many things that even a doctor may not know and adding to it, I can understand medicines working mechanism inside human body. 

I started my career with a job which had the responsibility of both a trainer and little bit of research. Having already done the training in hospital path labs, on cyanobacteria and medical genetics, my first job helped me develop myself as a true researcher and trainer. In the peak times of summer training, I would manage 100 students per day in three batches. It was hard but I enjoyed the challenge as it helped me realise my full potential. Though I don’t have a PhD degree myself I had trained scholars and professionals with years of experience in the techniques of molecular biology.

We are six siblings, with three brothers and three sisters. I am the second eldest among the siblings. Life taught things at an early age and I knew responsibilities have to be met.

After 2.5 years of experience, in 2011 I went back to my native place Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh. Singrauli is also the energy hub of India. The area has huge potential for biotechnology driven services. I started my work alone as people close to me were bit reluctant to come along as starting own business is a big risk. The marketing gurus say that when you look to start a business your first line of support are the people around you. For me it was not the case but yes friends helped me a lot from registration of my business to initial website building for my company. I learned a lot of things from them.  Well with no support things did go awry and I had to return to Delhi in 2015. Here, I gained experience of healthcare industry where I worked as the Senior Business Development Manager. I had the gained a lot from my entrepreneurial experience which I sharpened further due to again overburdened with the work. Yes this time again no working or growth environment for the employees except the few.

I left the healthcare job and re-started my business. Realising from old mistakes, I did new tie-ups and added few more services which helped me a lot. I totally revamped my marketing strategy and focused on building the digital presence with social media marketing playing the key role to business growth strategy.

When I started posting in the groups on social groups about the services that we are offering. Few started to question me, how is it associated with biotechnology and their comments were not supportive. We offer digital marketing and IT solutions for life science companies ranging from Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and FMCG.

Life Sciences companies are yet to realise the full potential of the digital marketing to promote their business. SINGH BIOTECH LLP came into existence as a part of a dream to establish world’s largest R&D in India and also full fill the needs of the life sciences industry right from the training of the talent pool as per the industry standards. It will also provide the industry with the much needed specified marketing and regulatory support to keep up with the ever-changing environment.

As a biotechnologist I have felt it in the food I eat, the factor injection I take as medicine, the electricity that I use and the environment I live in. Everything around me living and non-living is connected to biotechnology. People who really understand biotechnology and know its application will agree with me. I have learnt everything with its association with biotechnology. I love to write which again got boost because I have written and edited hundreds of project reports. Written articles and blogs on different topics some based on technical experiences and others based on life experiences. Along with all these, biotechnology has given a patient with rare genetic disorder a path to achieve the motive in life and prove to the world the rare capabilities that all the individuals with rare disorder possess; only that is needed is understanding and support.

Biotechnology is one thing which will take India to the top of the world helm with the brilliant combination of the information technology and provide solutions to many problems.

India has a huge talent pool which needs to be groomed well and it will serve the nation well for many years to come. In this endeavour, we are constantly looking to shake hands with the like-minded people and full fill our destiny to serve the world. 

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Manoj Kumar Singh
Manoj Kumar Singh is CEO and Co-Founder of SINGH BIOTECH LLP (www.singhbiotechllp.com). He believes that life is to share with others what you have learnt from it and is constantly on lookout to give out to the society and contribute his bit in improving it and chose writing for it.